comestology- milady

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Chapter 1 History And Career Opportunities
African civilization had a variet...,
Which of the following civilizati...,
The ancient _________ were the fi...
25  cards
Chapter 2 Life Skills
Short term goals are those goals ...,
Which of these terms refers to th...,
The ability to deal with difficul...
12  cards
chapter 3 your professional image
While working your clothing shoul...,
Your _________ involves your post...,
The way to counter the negative i...
25  cards
Chapter 4 communicating For Success
Good communication skills reduce ...,
In handling a client who is dissa...,
Effective human relations and com...
25  cards
Chapter 5 Infection Control: Principles And Practices
Cocci are bacteria that are _____...,
What type of bacteria can cause s...,
Bacteria that grows in pairs and ...
75  cards
Chapter 6- General Anatomy & Physiology
The basic units of all living thi...,
The dense active protoplasm found...,
Mitosis is the usual process of c...
55  cards
Chapter 7- Skin Structure, Growth And Nutrition
A physician who specializes in di...,
Healthy skin has _____________ te...,
Appendages of the skin includes h...
35  cards
Chapter 8-skin disorders and diseases
Many scientists and dermatologist...,
It is recommended that you wear a...,
A ___________ is an abnormal roun...
35  cards
Chapter 9- Nail Structure And Growth
A normal healthy nail surface ___...,
The portion of the living skin th...,
The ___________ is the whitish ha...
25  cards
Chapton 10 nail Disorders and Diseases
A normal healthy nail is firm but...,
If a client has ridges running ve...,
The medical term for fungal infec...
30  cards
Chapter 12- Basics of chemistry
Inorganic chemistry is the study ...,
A substance that cannot be broken...,
Chemically combining two or more ...
34  cards
Chapter 13-Basic of electricity
The movement of electrons from on...,
Electric wires can be covered wit...,
An apparatus that changes direct ...
30  cards
Chapter 11 Properties Of The Hair And Scalp
The scientific study of hair it s...,
The two parts of a mature strand ...,
The tube like depression or pocke...
70  cards
Chapter 14- principles of hair design
Chemically infused services that ...,
For a client with gold skin tones...,
When designing a style for a woma...
35  cards
Chapter 15- Scalp care, shampooing, and conditioning
What is the primary purpose of a ...,
Which of the following is classif...,
Before water enters public water ...
23  cards

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