comp tia a+ 220 1001 based on exam objectives

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2.1 - Compare and contrast TCP and UDP ports, protocols and their purposes.
2.0 - Networking
18  cards
2.2 - Compare and contrast common networking hardware devices.
2.0 - Networking
16  cards
2.3 - Given a scenario, install and configure a basic wired/wireless SOHO network.
The soho router,
Routing and switching,
Access point settings
8  cards
2.4 - Compare and contrast wireless networking protocols (including 802.11 standards).
2.0 - Networking
14  cards
2.5 - Summarise the properties and purposes of services provided by networked hosts.
2.0 - Networking SERVERS
16  cards
2.6 - Explain common network configuration concepts.
Ip addressing,
Static ip addressing,
Dhcp or dynamic ip addressing
13  cards
2.7 - Compare and contrast internet connection types, network types, and their features.
Cable modem,
13  cards
2.8 - Given a scenario, use appropriate networking tools.
Cable crimper,
Cable stripper,
8  cards
3.1 - Explain basic cable types, features and their purposes.
Ethernet cat 5,
Ethernet cat 5e,
Ethernet cat 6
33  cards
3.2 - Identify common connector types
Rj 11,
Rj 45,
Db 9 rs 232
16  cards
3.3 - Given a scenario, install RAM types.
What is memory,
So dimm,
12  cards
3.4 - Given a scenario, select, install and configure storage devices.
Optical formats,
14  cards
3.5 - Given a scenario, install and configure motherboards, CPUs, and add-on cards.
Motherbaord form factors,
40  cards
3.6 - Explain the purposes and uses of various peripheral types.
Barcode qr scanner
21  cards
3.7 - Summarise power supply types and features.
Computer power supply,
7  cards
3.8 - Given a scenario, select and configure appropriate components for a custom PC configuration to meet customer specifications or needs.
Graphics cad cam design workstation,
Audio video edititing workstation,
Vurtualisation worksation
7  cards
3.9 - Given a scenario, install and configure common devices.
Thin client configuration,
Thick client configuration,
Desktop account setup settings
5  cards
3.10 - Given a scenario, configure SOHO multifunction devices/ printers and settings.
Printer configuration collate,
Printer configuration duplex,
Printer configuration orientation
11  cards
3.11 - Given a scenario, install and maintain various print technologies.
Laser printer,
Laser printer imaging drum,
Laser printer fuser assembly
45  cards
4.1 - Compare and contrast cloud computing concepts.
19  cards
4.2 - Given a scenario, set up and configure client-side virtualisation.
Client side virtualisation resour...
7  cards
5.1 - Given a scenario, use the best practice methodology to resolve problems.
What are the steps to resolving a...,
Changing management,
Identify the problem
9  cards
5.2 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPUs, and power.
Common symptoms unexpected shutdowns,
Common symptoms system lockups,
Common symptoms post code beeps
15  cards
5.3 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot hard drives and RAID arrays.
Disk failure symptoms,
Troubleshooting disk failures,
Boot failure symptoms
9  cards
5.4 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot video, projector, and display issues.
No video image,
Image quality problems,
Other video issues
3  cards
5.5 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile device issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures.
Non responsive touchscreen apple ...,
App issues,
Unable to decrypt email
19  cards
5.6 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot printers.
Testing the printer,
Bad output,
Final print
14  cards
5.7 - Given a scenario, troubleshoot common wired and wireless network problems.
No network connectivity,
Local resources unavailable
10  cards

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