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Three functions of the larynx,
Three important landmarks on the ...,
The larynx is comprised of nine c...
86  cards
Cleft terms
Tissues that form the primary pal...,
Tissues that form the palate deve...,
Morphogenesis of the face and mouth
79  cards
Audilogy Terms
What happens from week 4 to 8 ges...,
What are the three layers called,
50  cards
CD 663 Swallowing
Three aspects of the eating act t...,
What controls the oral stage of s...,
Oral phase is a ___________ activ...
172  cards
Motor Speech Disorders
Motor speech disorders,
The nervous system is comprised of,
Brain is composed of
101  cards
Phonology Acoustics
67  cards
According to the world health org...,
Components of language processing,
Phonological processing
76  cards
Counseling and Motivation
Motivation definition,
Self determination theory sdt,
Psychological needs included in sdt
30  cards
Areas of language,
54  cards
Language Disorders (From Praxis book)
2 explanations for children with sli,
Subtypes of cp
25  cards
Early Language (from Praxis book)
What stage of pragmatic developme...,
What stage is between 8 12 months...,
What stage is between 12 months a...
45  cards
voice disorders
What is a hyperfunctional client,
What is a hypofunctional client,
Classifications of voice disorders
45  cards
Voice Treatment
Components of vocal hygiene,
Voice therapy management techniques,
Symptomatic voice therapy focus
14  cards
Language extra
According to the optimality theor...,
Three events that contribute to t...,
What two types of factors should ...
73  cards
Need more practice
Complex tone,
Lowest frequency of a periodic wave
3  cards

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