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CompTIA A+ 1002
Best use case scenario for chrome...,
Technician implements a group pol...,
An end user requests assistance f...
10  cards
CompTIA A+ 1001
What device provides the portabil...,
User brings a smartphone for repa...,
An hr manager requests wireless a...
10  cards
Chapter and episode name,
Important terms
21  cards
CH 1: Saftey and Professionalism
Troubleshooting theory core 1 220...,
Troubleshooting theory core 1 220...,
Troubleshooting theory core 1 220...
24  cards
CH2: The Visible Computer - Primary PC Components 220-1001
Primary pc connectionssystem unit,
Primary pc connectionsmonitor,
Primary pc connectionskeyboard mouse
56  cards
Chapter 3: CPUs
Cpu brain of the computer,
Cpu box inside is a mathematician...,
Cpu registers racks of 16 light b...
9  cards
Cpuruns programs,
Cpuprocess commands,
Cpuruns code based on
41  cards
Ramthese support specific ram tec...,
Ramtechnologies on the exam,
Ramthese are used to measure ram ...
30  cards
Firmwaresystem setup enables chan...,
Firmware quizthe post program wil...,
Firmware quizremoving this might ...
42  cards
Motherboardsmotherboards and case...,
Motherboardscommon form factors i...,
Motherboardsthese offer standardi...
44  cards
Mass Storage
Mass storagetypes of mass storage,
Mass storageregardless of os your...,
Mass storagethere is a difference...
35  cards
Mass Storage Implemetation
Mass storage implementationthis r...,
Mass storage implementation quizc...,
Mass storage implementationstripi...
35  cards
Essential Peripherals
Essential peripheralsstore 650 70...,
Essential peripheralsstore from 4...,
Essential peripheralsstore 25 gb ...
69  cards
Build A PC
Build a pcmemorize the details ab...,
Build a pcconsider different jobs,
Build a pcconcentrate on
7  cards
Display Technologies
Display technologiescomposed of i...,
Display technologiesthis is the t...,
Display technologiesthese monitor...
57  cards
Networking essentialslan computer...,
Networking essentialsethernet fra...,
Networking essentialsuniquely ide...
42  cards
Local Area Networking
Langive computer ip addressgive i...,
Lanformed basis for the internet,
Lanadopted as protocol for arpane...
102  cards
Power Supply
Power supplytransform ac from wal...,
Power supplythese are standard co...,
Power supplymolex and sata connec...
39  cards
Wirelessbridges 80211 and etherne...,
Wirelessinfrastructure and ad ho ...,
Wireless5ghz band54mbps
43  cards
Internetcomputers that share the ...,
Internettwo or more lans intercon...,
Interneta wan that spans a city
56  cards
Virtualizationself contained comp...,
Virtualizationsupport multiple vms,
Virtualizationhypervisor that run...
33  cards
Portablewifi with a button questions,
Portablehave a fn function key to...,
Portableto control many aspects o...
17  cards
Mobilenormally a sealed device wi...,
Mobilemobile devices run,
Mobilemobile devices have multipl...
24  cards
Mobilecareandfeedingphones that u...,
Mobilecareandfeedingcdma phones d...,
Mobilecareandfeedingimsi defines
21  cards
Printersa laser printer hits this...,
Printerlaser printer maintenance ...,
Printerstep 1 in printing process
56  cards
Threatsdo this,
Threatspatching anti malware and ...,
Threatsids ips and firewalls
4  cards

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