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Chapter 3 Peripherals and Connectors
1 which of the following have bee...,
2 you are attaching an external h...,
3 you are installing peripherals ...
20  cards
Chapter 4 Custom PC Configurations
1 you have been asked to set up a...,
2 you have been hired as a consul...,
3 danielle has been asked to conf...
20  cards
Chapter 5 Installing and Configuring
1 which voltage is applied to the...,
2 which types of printers are ref...,
3 which of the following is not a...
20  cards
Chapter 6 Networking Fundamentals
1 what type of cable is immune to...,
2 which of the following is a typ...,
3 you need to put a connector on ...
20  cards
Chapter 7 Introduction to TCP IP
1 you have just set up a network ...,
2 which of the following protocol...,
3 which tcp ip protocol uses port...
19  cards
Chapter 8 ■ Installing Wireless and SOHO Networks
1 which of the following wireless...,
2 what is the primary function of...,
3 which of the following are feat...
20  cards
Chapter 9 ■ Network Services, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing
1 your company hosts its own web ...,
2 your manager wants you to insta...,
3 you are installing a file serve...
20  cards
Chapter 10 ■ Understanding Laptops
1 a client has a laptop with whic...,
2 your manager tells you to repla...,
3 you need to replace an lcd on a...
20  cards
Chapter 11 ■ Understanding Mobile Devices
1 which of the following is the m...,
2 which of the following is the o...,
3 multi touch refers to which fea...
20  cards
Chapter 12 ■ Mobile Device Connectivity and Synchronization
1 a friend asks you why she would...,
2 you need to pair two bluetooth ...,
3 a technician is configuring a m...
20  cards
Chapter 13 ■ Troubleshooting Methodology and Resolving Core Hardware Problems
1 you have discovered a fix for a...,
2 when a user turns on his deskto...,
3 you are identifying the problem...
20  cards
Chapter 14 ■ Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
1 if the video on your laptop is ...,
2 you boot up a windows 10 deskto...,
3 a user tells you that his andro...
20  cards
Chapter 15 ■ Operating System Basics
1 which of the following can you ...,
2 which part of the operating sys...,
3 how do you increase the size of...
20  cards
Chapter 16 ■ Operating System Administration
1 which of the following utilitie...,
2 in windows which of the followi...,
3 which utility can be used to sc...
18  cards
Chapter 17 ■ Working with Windows 10
1 you have a computer with four p...,
2 you need to install windows 10 ...,
3 you have a windows 10 home lapt...
20  cards
Chapter 18 ■ Working with Windows 8/8.1
1 when windows 8 was initially re...,
2 which editions of windows 8 sup...,
3 what is the minimum amount of h...
21  cards
Chapter 19 ■ Working with Windows 7
1 which editions of windows 7 can...,
2 what is the name of the feature...,
3 which of the following is used ...
19  cards
Chapter 20 ■ Working with macOS and Linux
1 within a linux terminal you wan...,
2 which of the following allows y...,
3 as part of your training progra...
20  cards
Chapter 21 ■ Scripting and Remote Access
1 which statement about scripting...,
2 what level are scripting langua...,
3 which type of variable will all...
20  cards
Chapter 22 ■ Security Concepts
1 which component of physical sec...,
2 you have a very small network i...,
3 as part of your training progra...
20  cards
Chapter 23 ■ Securing Operating Systems
1 which policy would you create t...,
2 which term refers to copying da...,
3 you want to follow the rules of...
20  cards
Chapter 1 ■ Motherboards, Processors, and Memory
1 which computer component contai...,
2 you are told by a technician ov...,
3 you need to replace memory in a...
19  cards
Chapter 2 ■ Internal Expansion, Storage Devices, and Power Supplies
1 you are installing a new graphi...,
2 you need to install a new hard ...,
3 you install a new nic for a use...
20  cards
Chapter 24 ■ Troubleshooting Operating Systems and Security
1 in windows which utility is res...,
2 which startup setting option al...,
3 which bootrec option can be use...
20  cards
Chapter 25 ■ Documentation and Professionalism
1 you just finished repairing a n...,
2 you are executing the primary p...,
3 which section of the change man...
20  cards
Chapter 26 ■ Safety and Environmental Concerns
1 you have dropped a screw into a...,
2 you have a failed crt monitor t...,
3 one of your co workers just spi...
20  cards

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