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Chapter 1
Usb is the general purpose connec...,
Most printers use a special conne...,
The central processing unit also ...
41  cards
Chapter 2
Is a data storage device used for...,
Connects a host system the comput...,
Hdd speedspg74
30  cards
Chapter 3
What are the four most common cat...,
A video adapter more commonly cal...,
A sound card typically has small ...
31  cards
Chapter 4
The primary method of getting inf...,
Crt stands for what pg 198,
Lcd stands for what pg 198
30  cards
Chapter 5
Workstations used in the design o...,
Cad stands for what pg 238,
Cam stands for what pg 238
32  cards
Chapter 6
Stand alone computer were insuffi...,
Links two or more computer togeth...,
In many cases networking today ha...
43  cards
Chapter 9
Is an extremely small laptop comp...,
Primary differences between lapto...,
To save space components of the v...
31  cards
Chapter 7
Are a lot like human languages in...,
Set of rules that govern communic...,
Tcp ip stands for what p 312
21  cards
Chapter 8
In order to connect to the wirele...,
Csma ca stands for what p 340,
Csma cd stands for what p 340
55  cards
Chapter 11
When discussing safety issues wit...,
Theres one exception to the power...,
The two biggest dangers with powe...
35  cards
Chapter 10
Are electromechanical output devi...,
Four classifications of printers ...,
Use some from of impact and an in...
30  cards
Chapter 12
Os stands for what p563,
Provides a consistent environment...,
Os must communicate with the comp...
41  cards
Chapter 13
Ucs stands for what p613,
This applet is used when you want...,
From within this one relatively i...
77  cards
Chapter 14
Starter is a what in windows 7 p667,
Includes support for multitouch c...,
Can join a windows server domain ...
31  cards
Chapter 15
Lacks support for aero cannot joi...,
Includes support for hdtv cannot ...,
Does not support parental control...
35  cards
Chapter 16
Windows xp offers a number of met...,
Services that run on windows serv...,
Is used to prepare a preconfigure...
30  cards
Chapter 17
The for common prevention methods...,
Bag of elements that can be added...,
Being so close to someone when th...
39  cards
Chapter 18
Change in velocity which is a fun...,
A gyroscope is a sensor that dete...,
A gyroscope would sense a change ...
32  cards
Chapter 19
A ____________ pieces integrated ...,
An__________ which in turn is dep...,
An_________ or software program t...
35  cards
Chapter 20
What are some of the hardware sym...,
Overclocking is what p988,
One way to ensure that dust and g...
29  cards

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