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Understanding Operating Systems
The _____ provides a consistent e...,
____ are extremely specific softw...,
____ is the actual code that defi...
29  cards
Operating System Administration
The ____ applet is used to config...,
From this applet you can choose w...,
The ability to support so many la...
57  cards
Working with Windows 8/8.1
Windows 8 was released in ___ dif...,
When the new interface was releas...,
____ it is the online cloud stora...
18  cards
Working with Windows 7
What is the maximum amount of ram...,
What is the maximum amount of ram...,
There are 32 bit and 64 bit versi...
23  cards
Working with Windows Vista
What version of win vista lacks s...,
What version of win vista include...,
What version of win vista does no...
33  cards
Working With Mac OS and Linux
____ are duplicate copies of key ...,
____ are partial or full backups ...,
Typically working copies are inte...
24  cards
A firewall operating as a ____ pa...,
A ___ firewall can be thought of ...,
____ firewalls are used to proces...
63  cards
Understanding Network Services
Some servers will be dedicated to...,
____ servers may perform multiple...,
____ is a network separated from ...
47  cards
Understanding Mobile Operating Systems
Name the version of android 50,
Name the version of android 40,
Name the version of android 44
51  cards
Troubleshooting Theory, OSs, and Security
In mode windows loads only basic ...,
Holds information about which oss...,
Windows 8 7 vista use ____ in pla...
42  cards
Understanding Operational Procedures
An esd strap is a device that is ...,
The number of ___ in a power sour...,
Volts dont do anything by themsel...
34  cards

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