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Decks in this class (25)

SLR1 Programming basics
Data type,
Real float
72  cards
SLR2 Programming next steps
Exception handling,
18  cards
SLR3 Programming paradigms
Procedural languages,
Object oriented programming,
Hierarchy chart
30  cards
SLR4 Data structures
Text file,
Binary non text file,
66  cards
SLR5 Algorithms
Breadth first traversal,
Depth first traversal,
Pre order tree traversal
24  cards
SLR6 Abstraction and automation
Test data
20  cards
SLR7 Regular and context-free languages
State transition diagram,
Finite state machines,
Regular expression
18  cards
SLR8 Classification of algorithms
Big o notation,
Constant time,
Logarithmic time
20  cards
SLR9 A model of computation
Turing machine,
Transition function,
State transition diagram
8  cards
SLR10 Number systems and Bases
Natural number,
Rational number,
Irrational number
34  cards
SLR11 Binary
Unsigned binary,
Signed binary,
Two s complement
16  cards
SLR12 Coding text and graphics
Character coding,
Character set,
32  cards
SLR13 Coding sound and music
Sample resolution,
Sampling rate,
Nyquist theorem
22  cards
SLR14 Hardware and software
System software
22  cards
SLR15 Programming languages and translators
Low level language,
High level language,
Imperative high level language
18  cards
SLR16 Logic gates and Boolean algebra
Boolean algebra
20  cards
SLR17 Internal computer architecture
Main memory,
Address bus
66  cards
SLR18 Input and output devices
Input device,
Output device,
Secondary storage
12  cards
SLR20 Communication
Serial transmission,
Parallel transmission,
Synchronous transmission
20  cards
SLR21 Networking and the internet
Physical star topology,
Logical bus network topology,
Peer to peer
56  cards
SLR22 TCPIP and protocols
Transmission control protocol int...,
Application layer,
Transport layer
54  cards
SLR23 Databases
Entity relationship diagram,
Primary key
24  cards
SLR24 Big Data
Big data,
Fact based model,
Graph schema
6  cards
SLR25 Functional programming paradigms
Co domain,
First class object
20  cards
SLR27 Aspects of software development
Agile development
13  cards

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