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00 - Vehicle Inspection
1 lights,
2 windshield,
3 windshield wipers
72  cards
01 - IFSTA Chapter 01
Which apparatus is highly meneuve...,
What are the 3 most common water ...,
What is the general volt capabili...
300  cards
02 - IFSTA Chapter 02
Per nfpa 1002 the driver operator...,
Appendix b shows an example of wh...,
What two types of inspections are...
340  cards
03 - IFSTA Chapter 03
During snowy or icy conditions it...,
After loading equipment onto appa...,
At what speed does an emergency v...
280  cards
04 - IFSTA Chapter 04
When arriving on an incident scen...,
What is the first tactical priori...,
Depending on the incident apparat...
240  cards
05 - IFSTA Chapter 05
How much does a cubic foot of fre...,
When converted to steam water exp...,
A 1 inch column of water 1 foot h...
280  cards
06 - IFSTA Chapter 06
The fire service operates 3 types...,
What is the formula for the costu...,
The costumary formula to determin...
240  cards
07 - IFSTA Chapter 07
What device is used to measure wa...,
Which of the following does not g...,
When two hoselines of equal lengt...
320  cards
08 - IFSTA Chapter 08
What helps driver operators reduc...,
Maintaining reliable flowmeters y...,
Flowmeters read in increments of
339  cards
09 - IFSTA Chapter 09
In a midship mounted pump the gea...,
With the engine idling and the pu...,
The piping system and the fire pu...
340  cards
10 - IFSTA Chapter 10
Which of the following can be ope...,
The two basic pressurized water s...,
Which of the following best decri...
340  cards
11 - IFSTA Chapter 11
The difference in elevation betwe...,
During the drafting process how s...,
For every 1 000 ft of altitude ho...
300  cards
12 - IFSTA Chapter 12
The need for relay pumping is det...,
Centrifugal pumps are rated to pu...,
Driver operators as the relay pum...
339  cards
13 - IFSTA Chapter 13
Nfpa 1901 specifies that tenders ...,
Water tenders under this ammount ...,
What is the dis advantage of usin...
300  cards
14 - IFSTA Chapter 14
What device injects the correct a...,
What is released providing a cool...,
Foam concentrates are generally i...
339  cards
15 - IFSTA Chapter 15
Within the two basic categories o...,
If nfpa 1901 is being used for ma...,
The road test for apparatus requi...
340  cards
16 - IFSTA Chapter 16
What nfpa standard should all aer...,
Which one of these is not one of ...,
What is the hydraulically operate...
319  cards
17 - IFSTA Chapter 17
Apparatus placement procedures sh...,
Long extensions at low angles pla...,
Older trucks typically built befo...
378  cards
18 - IFSTA Chapter 18
Another name for stabilizers besi...,
Stabilizers straight jacks that e...,
Stabilizers that extend straight ...
300  cards
19 - IFSTA Chapter 19
What nfpa standard describes the ...,
When do personnel not necessarily...,
What type of hazard is created wh...
320  cards
20 - IFSTA Chapter 20
What are known as the actual proc...,
Idealy what is the best rescue ap...,
What are the two advanatges to po...
380  cards
21 - FFx County Hydraulics Manual
What is the formula to find the n...,
What is the formula to calculate ...,
What is the formula to calculate ...
320  cards
22 - Engine Company Ops
Occupancy name and address occupa...,
How many types of building constr...,
What are the five types of buildi...
320  cards
23 - Roadway Ops
What is the term for positioning ...,
What is the term that refers to t...,
What is the term that refers to t...
360  cards
24 - Rural Water Ops
When placed in automatic mode the...,
A jet siphon can move up to how m...,
A low level suction strainer allo...
280  cards
25 - Truck Book #1
When multiple locations are ident...,
Optimally where should towers be ...,
You are positioning an aerial dev...
380  cards
26 - Truck Book #3
Nfpa 1901 recommends the standard...,
Nfpa guidelines state that if lad...,
How often should ladders be tested
340  cards
27 - CDL
What will help you find problems ...,
What tire tread depth is needed f...,
The steering wheel play cannot be...
360  cards
28 - Standards of Cover
The fcfrd have adopted performanc...,
I cad avl fire box logic and traf...,
Actual vehicle location avl uses ...
360  cards
29 - SOP's
What is the total out of pocket a...,
What is the stand time sequence f...,
Section d of the vehicle log book...
180  cards
30 - Training Bulletin
All pierce engines utilize what t...,
National universal plus foam can ...,
When using a venturi style propor...
180  cards
31 - Conduct & Discipline
Fairfax county code of ethics is ...,
What are the 3 types of disciplin...,
Under formal disciplinary actions...
320  cards
32 - PM 39-06
What type of tolerance does fairf...,
This is unwelcomed conduct whethe...,
Sexual harasment is a form of har...
360  cards

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