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1 - Actuarial Advice -> Rayno's Professionalism & Stakeholders
0  cards
2 - External Environment + Rayno's for completion
What do you think about when cons...,
Components of the external enviro...,
Laws regulatory environment consi...
27  cards
3 - Regulation -> Rayno's
0  cards
4 - Intro to Financial Products & Customer Needs -> Rayno's
0  cards
8 - Bond and Money Markets
What does the term money markets ...,
Money market instruments can be i...,
4 types of bank deposits
29  cards
9 - Equity & Property Markets
Characteristics of ordinary equity,
Why may a company buy back shares,
What can you categorise shares ba...
25  cards
11 - Behaviour of the markets
What is the goal of this chapter,
What are the main market drivers ...,
Why do interest rates change
31  cards
12 - Valuation of Investments
What is the significance of marke...,
1 what are the different methods ...,
Market valuation characteristics
25  cards
13 - Relationship between return on asset classes
Required return definition,
Required return compensates inves...,
What does the required return dep...
10  cards
14 - Choosing an Appropriate Investment Strategy
How should investment objectives ...,
Objectives of an insurers investm...,
What is the definition of risk fr...
15  cards
17 - Modelling
What is a model,
Ways to acquire a model,
The approach used to acquire the ...
16  cards
18 - Data
What are the 8 basic principles i...,
What is data governance,
What does data governance policy ...
21  cards
21 & 23 - Pricing & Financing Strategies + Expenses
What are the different quantities...,
With regards to which factors is ...,
Objectives of pricing
28  cards
22 - Contract Design (Discontinuance part) + Rayno's
Principles underlying the determi...,
Setting discontinuance terms for ...,
Which contracts discontinuance te...
13  cards
Product Design & Management
Responsibilities of actuaries rel...,
Framework for product design,
Why would we need to develop chan...
31  cards
24 - Risk Governance
What are the key steps of risk ma...,
What does risk identification con...,
What is risk classification conce...
23  cards
25 - Risk Identification and Classification
Risk identification defn,
Identifying all the risks in an o...,
Techniques available to ensure al...
30  cards
28 - Risk Measurement & Reporting
Two key features to be assessed w...,
Methods to quantify risk are,
What are the methods available to...
23  cards
29 - Risk Transfer -> Rayno chapter 44
0  cards
30 - Other Risk Controls -> Rayno's chapter 45
0  cards
32 - Valuation of Liabilities
What are the two main approaches ...,
Discounted cashflow method outline,
Major criticisms of dcf method
27  cards
35 - Capital Management
Why do we undertake capital manag...,
Why do individuals need capital,
Why do providers need capital
18  cards
Capital 1
Definitions capital,
Definitions economic capital,
Definitions regulatory capital
23  cards
36 - Capital Requirements
Provider of financial benefits wi...,
What is solvency capital,
The security provided by a regula...
23  cards
Capital 2
What are the risks in companies t...,
What are the asset related risks ...,
Default risks
27  cards
26 - Financial product and benefit scheme risks
0  cards

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