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Business 1: Corporate Governance
Does the bod have individual auth...,
What is the primary role of an en...,
Who has the sole discretion to de...
60  cards
Business 1: Operations Management
What is a balanced scorecard,
What is the key difference b w to...,
In regards to control charts zero...
18  cards
Business 1: Operations Management Cost Measurement
What are cost objects,
Can a single cost object have mor...,
Prime costs
68  cards
Business 2: Profitability and Pricing Analysis
Total cost,
Margin of safety,
Breakeven point
45  cards
Business 2: Responsibility Accounting
The balanced scorecard gathers in...,
How are critical success factors ...,
Controllable margin is used as a ...
3  cards
Business 2: Forecasting and Projection
What is sensitivity analysis,
What is a sensitivity analysis al...,
What is the biggest drawback of s...
27  cards
Business 2 Budgeting
What is the first budget to be pr...,
What is the last budget to be pro...,
True or false the annual business...
23  cards
Business 2: Marginal Analysis
True or false marginal analysis i...,
What does marginal analysis focus on,
Revenues and costs related to dec...
28  cards
Business 2: Variance Analysis
Performing a budget variance anal...,
In a standard costing system what...,
For dm and dl what two variances ...
22  cards
Business 3 Financial Management
What is the basic equation for ca...,
What is the extended dupont roe f...,
What is the extended dupont roe f...
47  cards
Business 4: Organizational Needs Assessment
What are five important component...,
How would you categorize a monito...,
What is hardware
76  cards
Business 4: Systems Design and Other Elements
What does tps stand for,
What do you call the systems that...,
What do you call the systems that...
41  cards
Business 4: The Internet
Define e commere,
Define e business,
What does edi stand for
82  cards
Business 4: Types of Info Systems and Tech Risks
What are the four main risks w r ...,
What are the four main risks w r ...,
What does strategic risk include ...
60  cards
Business 4: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
What does disaster recovery consi...,
What does disaster recovery consi...,
Name two major players in a disas...
24  cards
Business 4: IT Fundamentals
List the five main components of it,
Components of computerized system...,
Components of computerized system...
97  cards
Business 5: Changes in Economic and Business Cycles
What do business cycles refer to,
What do business cycles refer to,
Define gdp
96  cards
Business 5: Economic Measures and Indicators
What are the four most commonly c...,
What are the four most commonly c...,
What accounting system is used to...
124  cards
Business 5: Market Influence on Business Strategies
What does the demand curve illust...,
What is quantity demanded determi...,
Define quantity demanded
158  cards
Business 6: Operations Management - Process Management
What do you call the management a...,
What does bpm stand for,
Bpm activities can be grouped int...
73  cards
Business 6: Operations Management - Project Management
What is a project,
Project management consists of wh...,
What is the first step in project...
30  cards
Business 6: Globalization and Local Economies
Define globalization,
What is the result of globalization,
How do you measure globalization
56  cards
Business 6: Financial Risk Management
Risk is analogous to what,
What is the general rule for risk...,
What type of behavior reflects an...
112  cards
Business 6: Financial Valuation
What is an annuity,
How do you calculate the pv of an...,
Does does an annuity due occur
44  cards
Business 6: Internal Auditing Standards
Authoritative guidance for intern...,
Define internal auditing,
Internal auditing helps to improv...
23  cards
BEC: Miscellaneous
Define hedge,
What is a cash flow hedge designe...,
What is a fair value hedge design...
18  cards

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