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1 Childhood Cancer Overview
What are the cellular changes tha...,
List 5 genetic predispositions to...,
Three germ cell layers of a devel...
7  cards
What is an example of an aminogly...,
What is an example of third gener...,
What does a third generation ceph...
14  cards
Test Tips
Remember what is most important w...,
With psychosocial questions what ...,
Review case studies
3  cards
2 Nursing Assessment in Peds Heme Onc
Differences and similarities betw...,
Where is the mediastinum what vit...,
Cough wheezing orthopnea and resp...
28  cards
3 Childhood Leukemias
The myeloid and lymphoid cell lin...,
Examples of chromosomal breakage ...,
All vs aml incidence
55  cards
4 Childhood Lymphomas
Both hl and nhl start in the immu...,
Which lymphoma is more common les...,
Overall survival in hl and nhl
32  cards
5 Basic Neurology
What are neuroglial schwann cells...,
At what age is the brain fully de...,
What is included in the infratent...
18  cards
5b Neuro Exam
What is the correct order or neur...,
When to ask about orientation,
Cn 1
17  cards
6 CNS Tumors
What is dysmetria,
Many symptoms of brain tumors mim...,
What is papilledema and what does...
45  cards
7 Neuroblastoma
What is the second most common so...,
What is the most common primary t...,
Average age for neuroblastoma dia...
19  cards
8 Solid Tumors
34  cards
9 Hematology
What percentage of plasma is water,
What is included in plasma 3 things,
Lymphocytes are divided into what...
49  cards
10 Research and Treatment Protocols
4 major peds coopoerative groups ...,
Initial trial of a new agent in h...,
This phase determines efficacy of...
8  cards
11 Chemotherapy and Biotherapy
Which 2 chemos were originally su...,
Dr farber noted leukemic children...,
What are some examples of biotherapy
20  cards
12 Radiation Therapy
Which tumors are responsive to ra...,
Are tumors with rapid cell growth...,
What is brachytherapy and when to...
19  cards
What does hla stand for,
What are hlas,
What is a haplotype
34  cards
What is needed to maintain patenc...,
What is a groshong cath,
What is a tivad
19  cards
15 Management of Side Effects
What is the lifespan of circulati...,
What is the lifespan of wbcs,
What is the lifespan of platelets
37  cards
16 Oncologic Emergencies
Clinical presentation is blurred ...,
Medical management of hyperleukoc...,
Urine output goal
43  cards
17 Pain and Sedation
Do children tolerate pain better ...,
What does questt stand for this i...,
What does the abcde approach of p...
21  cards
18 Palliative Care
Can families stay involved with o...,
How to handle giving fluids nutri...,
Whether or not to do lab tests in...
13  cards
19 Survivorship
What is the overall childhood can...,
Higher doses of alkylating agents...,
Higher doses of mtx are linked to
17  cards
20 Fertility
Prepubertal males v females which...,
How can cranial radiation impact ...,
What do the sertoli cells manufac...
9  cards
21 AYAs
What is an aya,
Lack of insurance and lack of sus...,
What percentage of ayas participa...
3  cards

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