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Med Terms– Quiz 1 (pg 2-4 of 2-7)
A an,
146  cards
Unit 1 Exam
Isolation definition,
Basic principles of patient care ...,
125  cards
PHARM QUIZ 1 - Intro to Pharm
Clinical pharmacology
44  cards
EXAM 2- Vital Signs
6 vital signs,
When would you measure vital signs,
Normal temperature range for adults
106  cards
EXAM 2- Hygiene
What degree should the hob be at ...,
How should you wash the pt s eyes,
How should you wash the pt s eyes
8  cards
EXAM 2- Oxygenation
Poor oxygenation,
What is the normal accepted o2 sa...
69  cards
MATH- Household > Metric Volume Conversions
1tsp ml,
1 tbsp ml,
1 tbsp tsp
7  cards
EXAM 3- Head to Toe Assessment
What should you do before beginni...,
What is the most important neuro ...,
How do you assess the pt s loc 5
124  cards
EXAM 3- Documentation
What should you accurately comple...,
What s the difference between sig...,
Examples of treatments as nursing...
46  cards
EXAM 3- Health Hx
Why do we perform a pt health hx,
What should you consider when com...,
Primary source of data
25  cards
Pharm Quiz 2
Pharmacokinetics word breakdown,
What quesitons should come to min...,
Process of pharmacokinetics throu...
49  cards
MED TERM- roots, prefixes, & suffixes
Ac al,
An ar ary,
Aden o
66  cards
EXAM 4- Tissue Integrity
What is the largest organ,
Who is responsible for assessing ...,
Can the rn delegate skin integrit...
83  cards
EXAM 4- Tissue Integrity 2
Pressure ulcer,
Where do pressure ulcers typicall...,
How do pressure ulcers occur
60  cards
Pharm Quiz 3
Adverse drug reaction adr,
Mild adr effects,
Severe adr effects
52  cards

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