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MH TA Patient Cases
37  cards
GI Anatomy TA Questions
List the retroperitoneal organs,
What is the difference between th...,
63  cards
Cardio Anatomy Questions
What are the three muscular sheet...,
What is the nerve supply to the i...,
What is the blood supply to the a...
164  cards
What is the function of the cns a...,
What is the function of the pns a...,
What are the two functional nervo...
233  cards
Anatomy of the Integumentary System
What does hirsute mean,
What does glaborous skin mean,
Histology of skin superficial to ...
74  cards
Anatomy TA Questions (Pulm)
What nerve innervates the diaphragm,
What are the three levels of open...,
Which bronchi is more likely to c...
85  cards
Neuroanatomy (pictures)
47  cards
Pulm Patient Cases
36  cards
Cardio Patient Cases
Georgia is a 44 yo woman who pres...,
Mary is 64 yo woman who presents ...,
Marcus is a 60 yo male who presen...
78  cards
ENT Patient Cases
Kyle is a 35 yo male who presents...,
Theresa is a 16 yo female who pre...,
Dora is a 11 yo female who presen...
77  cards
Neuro Patient Cases
Jeremy is an 18 yo male who prese...,
Clarissa is a 17 yo female who pr...,
Agatha is a 70 yo pt who presents...
63  cards
EKG Stuff
______ generate electrical impulses,
Ekg leads measure electrical acti...,
P wave
171  cards
HTN Lecture
What is epinephrine and what does...,
What is norepinephrine and what d...,
Where are alpha 1 receptors located
30  cards
Aortic Disease Lecture
Describe the anatomy of the ascen...,
Describe the anatomy of the aorti...,
Describe the anatomy of the abdom...
21  cards
Cardiac Emergencies Lecture
Describe the etiology of acute ao...,
Describe the etiology of a 3rd de...,
Describe the etiology of wpw
8  cards
Ischemia EKG Lecture
What can indicate ischemia in the...,
What lead show pathological t wav...,
Describe the t wave inversion cri...
21  cards
Congenital Heart Disease
What are the 2 extra connections ...,
Why do the pfo and da eventually ...,
What is the time frame in which t...
37  cards
Heart Failure & Cor Pulmonale & A-fib/flutter
_____ x ______ cardiac output,
What is stroke volume determined by,
Describe the frank starling law
25  cards
What are the 3 sources of blood c...,
What is cholesterol used for in t...,
What are the two sources of blood...
17  cards
Cardiac Diagnostics
List some cardiac labs diagnostic...,
Describe the implications of hdl ...,
Describe what a cxr can show for ...
10  cards
Murmurs & Sounds
Is mitral regurgitation systolic ...,
Is tricuspid regurgitation a syst...,
Is aortic regurgitation systolic ...
41  cards
List some occlusive diseases,
Define claudication,
Which medication can be used to i...
23  cards
Cardio Pharm Formulary
Name 3 loop diuretics,
Name 4 thiazide diuretics,
What is the dosing of hctz
45  cards
Cardio Conditions
Describe the etiology rf for hype...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the range of bp from nor...
245  cards
Intro to Derm
What is the term for this coloring
50  cards
Description of Primary & Secondary Lesions
What type of lesion is this,
49  cards
Pigmented Lesions
How late into age do normal moles...,
How late into life do atypical mo...,
When do melanomas usually develop...
48  cards
Thermal Injuries
Burns result in both _____ and __...,
A burn is damaged tissue from the...,
Systemic responses to burns usual...
48  cards
Procedures & Suturing
Fast absorbing gut indications,
Vicryl indications,
Chromic gut indiciations
21  cards
Hair & Nails
What are the two types of hair fo...,
What happens to some vellus hairs...,
What condition is characterized b...
34  cards
Eczema & Psoriasis
What does eczema mean,
Signs and symptoms of acute derma...,
Signs and symptoms of chronic der...
67  cards
Benign Skin Lesions
Identify this lesion,
What is the most common benign cu...,
Characteristics of a seborrheic k...
52  cards
Derm Labs
What are the 5 lab tests for infe...,
Which of these is gram positive,
What is this infectious agent
15  cards
Dermatologic Infections
What two organisms are responsibl...,
Characteristics of impetigo,
What is this infectious condition
51  cards
Dry, Papulosquamous, Inflammatory Etc.
Characteristics of lichen simplex...,
What is this condition,
Lichen simplex chronicus tx
30  cards
Acne & Rosacea
What is this condition,
What is this condition,
What is this condition
14  cards
Systemic Skin Manifestations
What is this condition,
What is this condition,
What is this condition and what o...
40  cards
Infestations and STIs
Describe nits vs lice,
What is this condition and its ch...,
Characteristics and treatments of...
20  cards
Other/review (psychosocial lecture)
13  cards
Pediatric Derm
2 week old baby with funny bumps ...,
22  cards
Neck Masses
Describe the etiology risk factor...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the treatment for branch...
40  cards
Pharynx & Larynx
Describe the etiology risk factor...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...
63  cards
Describe the etiology risk factor...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the diagnostic testing f...
28  cards
Ear, Nose, Sinus
Describe the etiology risk factor...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the diagnostic testing f...
56  cards
Ocular Emergencies
Describe the etiology risk factor...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the pe diagnostic testin...
51  cards
Describe the etiology of allergic...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the pe of allergic rhinitis
18  cards
ENT Fungal Infections
Describe the etiology rf of candi...,
Describe the etiology of mucous c...,
Describe the etiology rf for inva...
41  cards
Pedi Ophtho
Describe the visual development o...,
Describe the visual development a...,
Describe visual development at 5 ...
21  cards
Non-Urgent Ocular Conditions
Describe the etiology of dacryocy...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the treatment for dacryo...
65  cards
Immunology & Immunizations
Describe the first and second lin...,
Describe how the surface barriers...,
Describe the internal defenses of...
58  cards
What are some causes of orofacial...,
Where does dental pain of pulpal ...,
What are some periodontal origins...
31  cards
Global Infectious Disease
Describe the etiology rf for malaria,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the diagnostic testing f...
25  cards
Define pathogen,
Define opportunistic,
Define bacteremia
66  cards
What are the common portals of en...,
What are the periods of infection...,
Describe zoonosis
40  cards
Abx & Friends
Mnemonicthe queens guidance couns...,
Gram coverage of tetracyclines,
Name one tetracycline and what it...
57  cards
LE Special/Stability Tests
Resisted straight leg rase,
Varus valgus at knee,
Anterior posterior drawer at knee
22  cards
MSK Pharm Formulary
Coverage common usespenicillins,
Contraindications side effectspen...,
Coverage common usescephalosporins
29  cards
Intro to Diagnostic Imaging
What are the properties of x rays,
What are the average doses of mre...,
Radiolucency means ______ whereas...
59  cards
MSK Labs
What are the inflammatory markers...,
What is the normal range for esr,
What does esr and crp stand for
37  cards
UE Special Tests
What are the tests for shoulder i...,
What are the tests for shoulder i...,
What are the tests for a rotator ...
34  cards
Back & UE Questions
What is special about the c1 vert...,
What is the name of othe ligament...,
Hypertrophy of the ligamentum fla...
64  cards
MSK Functional Anatomy
What are the 3 types of muscle ti...,
Describe skeletal muscle,
Describe cardiac muscle
56  cards
MSK Vocab & Descriptors
Axial bones,
Appendicular bones,
77  cards
Neuro Physical Exam
What are the things you are check...,
Describe what you are checking re...,
Describe what you are looking for...
25  cards
Dementia vs Delirium
Define dementia,
Define mild cognitive impairment,
Define delirium
37  cards
Multiple Sclerosis & Myasthenia Gravis
Define ms,
What is the epidemiology of ms,
Describe the pathophysiology of ms
56  cards
Neuropharmacology Formulary
Name the 6 major asms,
Name the 2 classes of dementia me...,
Name the 6 major classes of drugs...
29  cards
ROS Questions
General ros,
Skin ros,
Msk ros
11  cards
How does ct work,
What is ct the most sensitive spe...,
What are some limitations of ct
37  cards
Peripheral Neuropathies
Define peripheral neuropathy,
What are large myelinated axons r...,
What are small myelinated axons r...
29  cards
CNS Infections
What are the causes of cns infect...,
Define meningitis,
Define encephalitis
65  cards
CP and GBS
What is cerebral palsy,
Define muscle tone,
Define hypotonia
45  cards
Movement Disorders
How would parkison s disease be d...,
Describe the etiology of parkinson s,
What are the cardinal signs of pa...
45  cards
Headaches & Tumors
Describe the origin points of hea...,
Describe the red flags in headach...,
Describe the onset and epidemiolo...
53  cards
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Define crps,
Describe the 2 types of crps and ...,
Describe some of the precipitatin...
27  cards
Tourette & ALS
Describe tourette syndrome,
Describe the rule of 3rds with to...,
What is the functional and chemic...
35  cards
Seizures & Epilepsy
Define seizure,
What are the diagnostic criteria ...,
What are the types of focal seizures
40  cards
Cerebrovascular Accidents
Define stroke,
What is the most common and most ...,
Describe fast
35  cards
TBI & Concussions
Cause of tbi,
Complications of a tbi,
Diagnostic testing for tbi
43  cards
Define syncope,
Define pre near syncope,
How to determine of someone exper...
19  cards
Cortexes & Brodmann areas
Brodmann area 4,
Brodmann area 6,
Brodmann area 44 45
23  cards
Cranial Nerves
Cranial nerve 1,
Cranial nerve 2,
Cranial nerve 3
21  cards
Pulm Pharm
List some albuterol rescue inhalers,
List an ics saba inhaler,
What are ics saba inhalers used for
43  cards
Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Describe the etiology of nrds,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the diagnostic testing f...
5  cards
Describe the etiology of tb,
Describe the primary immune respo...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...
26  cards
Pleural Disease
Describe the etiology of a pneumo...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the treatment for a pneu...
26  cards
Lung Cancer
What are some rfs for lung cancer,
What are the major histologic cla...,
What are the molecular classifica...
23  cards
Cardiopulm Disorders (Dvorak)
Describe the etiology of cor pulm...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the diagnostic testing f...
14  cards
What does hfa mean,
What does cfc mean,
What does ics mean
11  cards
Pulmonary Function Tests
List some indications for pfts,
List a few contraindications to pfts,
What does a pft tell you
33  cards
High Altitude Illness
What is acclimitization,
Describe the etiology of high alt...,
Describe the clinical presentatio...
11  cards
Cystic Fibrosis
Describe the etiology of cystic f...,
Describe the common pulmonary pre...,
Describe the presentation of mode...
15  cards
What is the number one cause of d...,
Describe severity of asthma,
Describe the control of asthma
13  cards
Peds Infections
Describe the etiology of croup,
Describe the clinical presentatio...,
Describe the pe diagnostic testin...
46  cards
Obstructive Disease & ARDS
What is acute hypoxic respiratory...,
What is acute hypercapnic respira...,
What is bronchiectasis
25  cards
Interstitial Lung Disease
Describe the main symptoms that a...,
What is the interstitium,
Describe the etiology and pathoph...
43  cards
Smoking Cessation
What is the single largest cause ...,
What is the safest level of expos...,
What are some of the health risks...
18  cards
Pneumonia (Peine)
What factors influence disease pe...,
List 4 pathophysiologies of patho...,
List some macro risks to aspiration
32  cards
PE & Hx
Define dyspnea,
What are rales when are they heard,
What are the 2 types of crackles ...
12  cards
Acute Abdomen
What are the 2 main chemicals at ...,
What do hydrochloric acid and pep...,
What are the 3 hormones that stim...
128  cards
Esophageal Disorders
Describe the etiology of gerd,
Describe the presentation of gerd,
Describe the diagnosis of gerd
34  cards
Stomach Disorders
Define dyspepsia,
Describe an egd,
Describe the moa of a ppi
35  cards
Gallbladder & Biliary Disease
What produces stores bile,
What does the pancreas do,
What are the components and funct...
30  cards
Liver Tests
Describe protein synthesis in the...,
Describe carb glucose control in ...
48  cards
Gastrointestinal Infections & Diarrhea
Guest lecturer Shaw & Wold
55  cards
Bowel Disease
Describe the etiology of ibs,
Describe the presentation of ibs,
Describe the alarm symptoms of ibs
28  cards
Constipation & Malignancy
Describe the rf and etiology of c...,
Describe the presentation of cons...,
Describe the diagnosis of constip...
15  cards
IBD & Malapsorption
Which enzymes digest carbs,
Which enzymes digest proteins,
Which enzymes digest nucleic acids
26  cards
Anorectal Disorders
Describe the pectinate line,
Describe the etiology of anal fis...,
Describe the presentation pe of a...
26  cards
Diverticular disease
Define diverticulum,
What does diverticulosis mean,
Define diverticular disease
18  cards
Pancreatic Disorders
29  cards
Viral Hepatitis
Describe the presentation of acut...,
Describe the treatment of acute h...,
Describe the etiology rf for hep ...
34  cards
Lab Review (liver/GI focused)
Describe what conditions urinary ...,
Describe what urine urobilinogen ...,
List the 7 components of a bmp
22  cards
List the two different types of a...,
Define a hernia,
Describe how to reduce a hernia
19  cards
UA/UC + GU Overview
List the 3 major functions of the...,
List some ddx for dysuria,
List some ddx for hematuria
43  cards
Sexuality, STIs, Sexual History
What is the most common sti in th...,
What are some risk factors for stis,
List the 8 ps of a gender affirmi...
35  cards
Male Infertility & ED
In couples who are 35 yrs old inf...,
Approximately what percent of inf...,
What are the 4 main causes of mal...
22  cards
GU Anatomy TA Questions
Which kidney is lower left or right,
What are the 3 layers of supporti...,
105  cards
GU Pt Cases
48  cards
Urinary Incontinence
Describe the sphincters and nervo...,
Describe the detrusor muscle and ...,
Describe the etiology of urinary ...
28  cards
AKI & Prostate & GU Emergencies
List some lower urinary track sym...,
List some lower urinary track sym...,
List some lower urinary tract sym...
82  cards
Renal Disease
Describe the common signs symptom...,
What is the initial testing relat...,
Describe the implications for kid...
36  cards
Acid-Bases Disorders & ABGs
Define acidemia vs acidosis,
Define alkalemia vs alkalosis,
Define acid base disorders
33  cards
What are the components of a bmp,
Where are sodium and potassium in...,
Define osmotic activity
32  cards
GU Malignancy
Describe the etiology of bladder ...,
Describe the presentation of blad...,
Describe the diagnosis of bladder...
18  cards
Renal Pharm
Describe gfr,
What does a declined gfr indicate,
What sub
24  cards
Describe the etiology of urethritis,
Describe the presentation of uret...,
Describe the diagnosis of urethritis
17  cards
Immunology Physio
Describe the 2 intrinsic immune s...,
What are the two lines of defense...,
Describe the line of defense of t...
44  cards
Intro to Oncology & Survivorship
Define the key elements of cancer,
Define tumor,
Describe the diagnostic testing u...
25  cards
Global Oncology & Disparities
List the most common cancers worl...,
List the cancers with the highest...,
What does it mean for medical adv...
6  cards
Hereditary Cancer Risk/Genetic Counseling
Describe the patterns of cancer i...,
Which form of cancer pattern pres...,
Describe the red flags for when t...
8  cards
Hematology Physio
What are the components of blood,
What is the normal ph range of ou...,
What is the average blood volume ...
65  cards
Labs & Anemias of Deficiency
List some things that can cause l...,
List some things that can affect ...,
List some things that can cause l...
72  cards
How Blood Clots
Primary hemostasis consists of fo...,
Secondary hemostasis consists of ...,
What triggers primary hemostasis ...
23  cards
Overview of Bleeding Disorders
Describe the sxs of a primary hem...,
Describe the sxs of a secondary h...,
Describe the etiology of thromboc...
21  cards
Describe the process of protein c...,
Describe the antithrombin in stop...,
What happens if we have too much ...
18  cards
How much iron do we absorb and ex...,
How much iron do we typically sto...,
What does the tsat test tell us
13  cards
Hemolytic Anemias
Define intracorpuscular vs extrac...,
List some symptoms of hemolysis,
Which anemias are microcytic mcv 80
22  cards
Transfusion Biology
Define blood group antigen,
Define rbc phenotype,
Define rbc genotype
53  cards
Heme Malignancies
Lymph nodes that are soft tender ...,
Lymph nodes that are firm rubbery...,
Lymph nodes that are hard fixed n...
50  cards
WBC & Plt
Which wbc is the first responder ...,
Which wbcs are the main component...,
Which wbcs are responsible for ph...
28  cards
Heme/Onc Emergencies
What is the typical timeline of w...,
What emergency should be consider...,
Describe the etiology of malignan...
9  cards
Heme TA Patient Cases
29  cards
Mood Disorders
Describe the etiology of depressi...,
Describe the symptoms for depress...,
Describe the diagnosis of depress...
32  cards
Substance Use Disorder
Describe the etiology rf for addi...,
Describe the dsm criteria for add...,
Describe the etiology of alcohol ...
38  cards
Somatic Disorders & MH Comorbidities
What are some risk factors for so...,
Describe the etiology of somatic ...,
Describe the presentation of soma...
12  cards
Personality Disorders
List the 3 cluster a personality ...,
List the 4 cluster b personality ...,
List the 3 cluster c personality ...
19  cards
Anxiety Disorders
What is the most prevalent psychi...,
Describe exposure therapy in ptsd,
Describe cognitive processing the...
26  cards
Define hormesis,
List the general presentation of ...,
Describe the limitations of a uri...
27  cards
Describe the etiology of asd,
Describe the presentation of asd,
Describe the screening diagnosis ...
12  cards
Psychotic Disorders
Describe the characteristics of d...,
Describe the characteristics of d...,
Describe the characteristics of n...
12  cards
Conduct & Dissociative Disorders
Describe the etiology of conduct ...,
Describe the presentation symptom...,
Describe the diagnostic criteria ...
12  cards
Eating Disorders
Describe the etiology rfs of eati...,
Describe female athlete triad,
Compare and contrast the etiology...
17  cards
List the hypothalamic hormones,
List the pituitary hormones,
Describe the function of trh
42  cards
Parathyroid & Ca Metabolism Disorders
What is the normal serum ca range,
Describe the distribution of ca i...,
Which endocrine hormones regulate...
53  cards
Thyroid Disorders
Describe the etiology of goiter,
Describe the presentation of goiter,
Describe the diagnostics for goiter
67  cards
Pituitary Disorders
Describe the etiology of a pituit...,
Describe the presentation of a pi...,
Describe the workup for a pituita...
12  cards
Adrenal Disorders
What is the difference between a ...,
What are the 3 main substances se...,
What is the main substance secret...
29  cards
Endo TA Pt Cases
33  cards
Describe the etiology of t1dm,
Describe the etiology of monogeni...,
Describe the presentation of t1dm
17  cards
Obesity & Bariatric
Describe the energy balance equation,
Describe ghrelin,
What can happen to metabolism aft...
12  cards
Endo Emergencies
Describe the etiology of myxedema...,
Describe the presentation of myxe...,
Describe the diagnostics for myxe...
28  cards

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