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Multiplying fractions,
Dividing fractions,
Solving a proportion x 5 3 4
48  cards
SNS - Biology
Kin selection,
Fixed action potentials faps
358  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - NMR and IR
Infrared absorption peaks alkynes,
1h nmr chemical shifts rch2,
Infrared absorption peaks alkynes
26  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Reactions
Synthesis alkynes dehalogenation,
Mechanisms and reactions alkanes ...,
Synthesis alcohols grignard reagents
176  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Atomic Structure
Heisenburg uncertainty principle,
Quantum numbers,
Pauli exclusion principle
45  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - The Periodic Table
The periodic tablegroups,
The periodic table periods,
The periodic table trends atomic ...
16  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Bonding And Chemical Interactions
Octet rule,
Molecular geometry,
Molecular geometry valence shell ...
48  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Compounds And Stoichiometry
Stoichiometrylaw of constant comp...,
Avogadro s number
32  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium
Chemical equilibria,
Chemical equilibriakeq,
Chemical equilibriaqc
25  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Thermochemistry
Thermodynamicslaws of thermodynam...,
Thermodynamicslaws of thermodynam...,
Thermodynamics laws of thermodyna...
22  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - The Gas Phase
Gasesideal state,
Gases properties,
Gases standard temperature and pr...
23  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Phases and Phase Changes
Colligative propertieslowering th...,
Colligative properties lowering t...,
Colligative properties lowering t...
21  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Solutions
Solutions solvent,
Solutions electrolyte
47  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Acids and Bases
Acids and basesbronsted lowry def...,
Acids and bases arrhenius s defin...,
Acids and bases lewis definition
28  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Redox reactionsoxidation numbersm...,
Redox reactionsoxidation numbersf...,
Redox reactions oxidation numbers...
32  cards
SNS - General Chemistry - Nuclear Phenomena
Nuclear reactionsradioactive decay,
Nuclear reactions radioactive dec...
15  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Isomers
Isomers conformational,
Isomers structural,
Isomers stereoisomers
18  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Bonding
Molecular orbital,
Sigma bond,
Pi bonds
11  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Alkanes
Physical properties 1 melting poi...,
Physical properties state,
37  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Reactions
X2 2x 2 propagation a radical pro...,
X rh hx r,
R x2 rx x
14  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Alkenes and Alkynes
Alkenes physical properties,
Alkenes physical properties polarity,
Alkenes physical properties polarity
33  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Aromatic Compounds
Huckel s rule,
Anti aromatic compounds
37  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Alcohols and Ethers
Alcohols physical properties 1 bo...,
Alcohols physical properties 1 bo...,
Alcohols reactions
23  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Aldehydes and Ketones
Physical properties,
Alcohols and ketones reactions
18  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Carboxylic Acids
Physical properties hydrogen bonding,
Physical properties acidity,
Physical properties acidity
16  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Carboxylic acid derivatives,
Acid halides reactions
31  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Amines and Nitrogen Compounds
22  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Purification and Separation
16  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Spectroscopy
Infrared vibrations and regions
40  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Carbohydrates
Monosaccharides examples,
Monosaccharides l and d sugars
13  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins
Amino acids optical acitivity,
Amino acids acid base activity,
Amino acids acid base activity am...
16  cards
SNS Biology - The Basis of Life
Coacervate droplets,
Categories of organisms,
Organic compounds
24  cards
SNS Biology - Reproduction
Cell division karyokinesis,
Cell division cytokinesis,
Cell division interphase
58  cards
SNS - Biology - Genetics
Monohybrid cross hallmarks,
Test cross,
Dihybrid cross
61  cards
SNS - Biology - Nervous System
Invertebrates protozoa,
Invertebrates cnidarians,
Invertebrates annelida
26  cards
SNS Biology - Respiration
Glycolysis net reaction,
Glycolysis substrate level phosph...
35  cards
SNS Biology - Muscles and Locomotion
Locomotion unicellular,
Cilia and flagella,
27  cards
SNS - Biology - Digestion
Unicellular organisms,
Unicellular organisms paramecium,
Invertebrates cnidarians
16  cards
SNS Biology - Excretion
Excretion vs elimination,
Invertebrates protozoans and cnid...,
Invertebrates annelids
15  cards
SNS - Biology - Animal Behaviour
Simple relexes,
Complex reflexes,
Fixed action patterns
18  cards
SNS Biology - Ecology
Environment biotic
42  cards
SNS Biology - Classification
Classification and subdivisions,
11  cards
SNS - Biology - Evolution
Comparitive anatomy homologous st...,
Comparitive anatomy analogous str...,
Neutral adaptations
15  cards
SNS Biology - Embryology
Development in vertebrates fertil...,
Cleavage indeterminate cleavage
30  cards
SNS - Biology - Circulatory Systems and Immunology
Transport systems in plants trans...,
Transport systems in plants fibro...,
Transport systems in plants xylem
27  cards
SNS - Biology - Endocrimology
Hormones peptides examples,
Hormones steroid examples,
Endocrine glands a h
50  cards
SNS - Visuals
186  cards
SNS - Reactions
70  cards
SNS - Organic Chemistry - DAT Destroyer
134  cards
SNS Organic Chemistry - Cliff's
Hybrid orbital number rule,
Alkanes synthesis,
71  cards
SNS Organic Chemistry - Cliff's 2
Polycyclic benzenoid aromatic com...,
Heterocyclic compound,
Heterocyclic aromatic compounds h...
47  cards

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