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Biology Cellular
The cell is the fundamental unit ...,
Every function in biology involve...,
All living things are ___ of cells
130  cards
Biology Molecular Genetics
The transmission of information t...,
___ is the basis for heredity,
Dna is ___ and can be altered und...
150  cards
Biology Metabolism
___ is the sum of all chemical re...,
Metabolism can be divided into __...,
___ respiration describes the bio...
66  cards
Biology Genetics
Mendel s first law law of segrega...,
Because only one trait is being s...,
The individuals being crossed are...
103  cards
Biology Integumentary and Immune Systems
The ___ serves as the initial bar...,
The ___ provides a physical barri...,
Many ___ live on the surface of s...
55  cards
Biology Nervous System
The nervous system is composed of...,
___ are the functional units of t...,
Neurons primary function is to co...
92  cards
Biology Muscular and Skeletal Systems
The rib cage protects the thoraci...,
The two major parts of the skelet...,
___ are cells responsible for syn...
79  cards
Biology Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Blood is pumped into the ___ whic...,
The arteries branch into ___ and ...,
Exchange of gases nutrients and c...
77  cards
Biology Digestive System
The oral cavity mouth is where __...,
___ is the breakdown of large foo...,
___ refers to the enzymatic break...
38  cards
Biology Urinary System
___ of amino acids in the liver l...,
Excretion is distinguished from _...,
In the lungs ___ and water vapor ...
58  cards
Biology Endocrine System
___ glands synthesize and secrete...,
In contrast ___ glands such as th...,
The hypothalamic hormones regulat...
99  cards
Biology Reproductive System
___ differs asexual reproduction ...,
Sexual reproduction occurs via th...,
Sexual reproduction requires prod...
64  cards
Biology Developmental
Cleavage increases the ___ ratio ...,
The first complete ___ of a zygot...,
The second cleavage of a ___ occu...
50  cards
Biology Animal Behavior
Reflexes are automatic responses ...,
A ___ is controlled at the spinal...,
The ___ innervates the effector e...
34  cards
Biology Ecology
___ is the study of the interacti...,
The ___ encompasses all that is e...,
An organism s environment contain...
98  cards
Biology Taxonomy
The science of classification and...,
The three domains are archaea bac...,
Within the three domains are six ...
80  cards
Chemistry Atomic and Molecular Structure
The ___ is the basic building blo...,
The ___ and neutrons in an atom f...,
The ___ exist outside the nucleus...
99  cards
Chemistry Laboratory Techniques
No eating or ___ in lab,
Personal ___ involves the consist...,
Volatile or dangerous ___ should ...
44  cards
Chemistry Periodic Properties
The substance of this work is sum...,
Since chemicals share the same va...,
The roman numeral ___ each group ...
76  cards
Chemistry Chemical Bonding
Many molecules contain atoms bond...,
In ___ one or more electrons from...,
In covalent bonding an ___ is sha...
62  cards
Chemistry Stoichiometry
A ___ is a pure substance compose...,
___ do not form true molecules in...,
Like atoms molecules can be chara...
29  cards
Chemistry Solutions
A ___ consists of a solute eg nac...,
The ___ is the component of the s...,
If the two substances are already...
37  cards
Chemistry Reaction Types
Combination reactions are ___ in ...,
Combination ___ can occur when el...,
Combination reactions can also oc...
28  cards
Chemistry Electrochemistry
___ is the study of the relations...,
___ include spontaneous reactions...,
There are two types of ___ galvan...
42  cards
Chemistry Chemical Kinetics
The ___ of a chemical reaction is...,
The slowest step in a proposed me...,
___ is the study of the rates or ...
33  cards
Chemistry Thermochemistry
A ___ is the particular part of t...,
Properties whose ___ depends only...,
___ delta e sub sys delta e sub s...
30  cards
Chemistry Chemical Equilibria
When there is no net change in th...,
Given 2a,
Since k sub f and k sub r are bot...
28  cards
Chemistry Liquids and Solids
Because of their smaller volume r...,
Gases are easily compressed to __...,
The movement of a ___ can be defi...
37  cards
Chemistry Gases
The ___ is generally defined by f...,
1 ___ 10 5 pa 760 mm hg 760 torr,
Gases are also often discussed in...
23  cards
Chemistry Acids and Bases
A particularly common indicator i...,
___ react with bases to form wate...,
Arrhenius defined an acid as a sp...
55  cards
Chemistry Nuclear Reactions
An amount of energy called the __...,
The binding energy is converted t...,
The ___ z of an element describes...
40  cards
Organic Chemistry Nomenclature and Isomers
___ the set of accepted conventio...,
The names of the four simplest __...,
1 find the longest chain in the c...
72  cards
Organic Chemistry Bonding
There are two types of chemical _...,
The first three quantum numbers n...,
Two atomic orbitals can be combin...
11  cards
Organic Chemistry Alkanes
Alkanes are ___ that have the max...,
A ___ carbon atom is bonded to on...,
In general as the ___ of a straig...
30  cards
Organic Chemistry Alkenes and Alkynes
Double and triple ___ are conside...,
___ are hydrocarbons that contain...,
Alkenes also called ___ may be de...
35  cards
Organic Chemistry Aromatic Compounds
Aromatic now describes an unusual...,
All ___ are conjugated but not al...,
The ___ of possessing 4n 2 pi ele...
15  cards
Organic Chemistry Alcohols and Ethers
Alcohols are compounds with the g...,
An ___ is a compound with two alk...,
Alcohols are named in the iupac s...
29  cards
Organic Chemistry Aldehydes and Ketones
___ are compounds that contain th...,
Because of their high degree of _...,
In more complicated molecules the...
24  cards
Organic Chemistry Carboxylic Acids
___ contain a hydroxyl group oh a...,
The hydrogen atoms of the oh grou...,
In the iupac system of ___ carbox...
23  cards
Organic Chemistry Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Carboxylic acids can be converted...,
___ derivatives all have the high...,
Each of these types of ___ will b...
55  cards
Organic Chemistry Amines
___ are nitrogen containing compo...,
A primary 1 degree amine is attac...,
In the common naming system amine...
14  cards
Organic Chemistry Spectroscopy
___ is the process of measuring t...,
___ measures molecular vibrations,
The ___ of a sample is determined...
31  cards
Organic Chemistry Separation
One way of separating out a desir...,
The ___ and ether organic phases ...,
___ depends on the basic rule of ...
37  cards
Quantitative Reasoning Probability and Statistics
___ number of desired outcomes nu...,
So to find a probability for a si...,
___ are those events for which th...
8  cards
Biology Integumentary and Immune Systems Images
The skin,
The brain,
The eye
38  cards
Chemistry Liquids and Solids Images
7  cards

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