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Big O Notation
What do o and n stand for in big ...,
What are the common functions for...,
What is the most common space com...
31  cards
Describe quick sort,
What is amortized time
2  cards
What is quicksorts best worst and...,
What is merge sorts best worst an...,
What is heap sorts best worst and...
15  cards
Provide a description of an array,
What can be stored in an array,
What is a parallel array
23  cards
Is an stack random or sequential ...,
A stack is a data structure in wh...,
What is a real world analogy for ...
21  cards
Is queue random or sequential access,
A queue is a data structure in wh...,
What is a real life analogy of a ...
23  cards
Is a linked list random or sequen...,
Is a linkedlist a linear data str...,
Each element is created as a sepa...
24  cards
Is the doubly linkedlist random o...,
Whats the key difference between ...,
Define the next value of a node
18  cards
Name variations for a map 3,
Map definition,
What is an element in a map
14  cards
Hash Tables
What is the name of the function ...,
Define a hash function,
What is the bigo of finding the i...
25  cards
All other data structures covered...,
What is a real world example of a...,
Tree definition
37  cards
Use cases for a max heap,
A priority queue is an example us...,
Heap definition
20  cards
What is a real world example of a...,
What is a formal definition of a ...,
What is the difference between a ...
25  cards
Binary Trees
Types of trees,
What does each node of a binary t...,
If a binary tree is not empty it ...
24  cards
Interview Questions
What is data structure,
Describe the types of data struct...,
What are the areas of application...
9  cards

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