dental materials science bds2

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Bonding Systems
What are the properties of a dent...,
What does the acid etch technique...,
What does the etched surface of e...
23  cards
Introduction to Dental Materials Science
What clinical stages does the beh...,
What mark indicates that a materi...,
What are the different options fo...
26  cards
Composite Resin
What are the applications of dire...,
What are the ideal properties of ...,
What is composite resin composed of
68  cards
Properties of a Lining Material
What are the disadvantages of res...,
What is the solution for the disa...,
What does a lining material do
21  cards
Calcium Hydroxide and Zinc Oxide Based Materials for Liners
What are the main constituents of...,
What types of base are used in se...,
What types of catalyst are used i...
24  cards
Glass Ionomer as Cavity Liners
How are glass ionomers cured,
What is the thermal conductivity ...,
What is the compressive strength ...
8  cards
What is amalgam,
How do you classify amalgam,
What are the 2 compositions of am...
44  cards
Glass Ionomer Cements
What are the types of glass ionom...,
What are the uses of gic,
What are the two components of gic
30  cards
How do errors arise in acrylic,
What are the ideal properties for...,
On the stress strain diagram at w...
45  cards
Impression Materials
What is the function of an impres...,
What kind of reproduction does an...,
What is dental stone used for
40  cards
What produces a positive replica ...,
What is the purpose of a study model,
What are the uses of gypsum
45  cards
Elastomeric Impression Materials
What are the two types of elastomer,
What do you consider when assessi...,
What material properties do you c...
17  cards
What is a metal,
What is an alloy,
What does it mean if the stress s...
39  cards
What is an alloy,
What are the advantages of an alloy,
What are the uses of alloys
44  cards
Partial Denture Alloys
What are the alloy hardening proc...,
What are the alloy annealing proc...,
What are the ideal properties for...
26  cards

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