dental morphology

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Anatomical Parts Of A Tooth & Oral Cavity Features
The teeth gingiva and associated ...,
The upper arch including the asso...,
The lower arch and associated teeth
89  cards
Terminology & Chronology
What are the 3 ways to number teeth,
Using the universal system of not...,
Using the universal system of not...
115  cards
Maxillary Incisors
From the facial aspect of a maxil...,
From a facial aspect of a maxilla...,
From a facial aspect of a maxilla...
133  cards
Mandibular Incisors
What are the numbers of the mandi...,
What are the numbers of the mandi...,
Where two adjacent teeth contact
101  cards
Canines can also be called,
Canines contain a single pointed ...,
Canines are designed to
154  cards
Maxillary Premolars
Notation for maxillary right 1st ...,
Notation maxillary right 2nd prem...,
Notation for maxillary left 1st p...
167  cards
Mandibular Premolars
How many mandibular premolars are...,
Mandibular premolars are succedan...,
Mandibular first premolar develop...
161  cards
Maxillary Molars
On the maxillary molars how many ...,
What are the roots of the maxilla...,
For maxillary molars out what roo...
130  cards
Mandibular Molars
The mandibular molars are conside...,
In the mandibular 1st molar there...,
Mandibular molars are broader ___...
102  cards
Pulp And Root Anatomy
The anatomy of the crown of a too...,
The root morphology and surroundi...,
There is an important relationshi...
59  cards
Primary Dentition
Teeth exfoliate ____,
Resorption begins,
Where does resorption begin
128  cards

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dental morphology

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