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......CHAPTER 1: The Science of Human Development
People who are born within a few ...,
Scientific observation can occur ...,
Which of the following is not use...
161  cards
CHAPTER 1: The Science of Human Development
The science of human development ...,
Most developmental psychologists ...,
Every difference between a develo...
101  cards
CHAPTER 2: Theories of Development
What are the similarities and dif...,
What three things do theories do,
How is a norm different from a th...
156  cards
CHAPTER 3: The New Genetics
No two cells of the human body co...,
The genetic contribution of the f...,
Not all individuals are born gene...
100  cards
CHAPTER 4: Prenatal Development and Birth
Cindy is doing a presentation on ...,
During the germinal period of pre...,
During the germinal period the fi...
166  cards
CHAPTER 5: The First Two Years (Biosocial Development)
The average baby will grow _____ ...,
A typical child at 24 months of a...,
The average newborn weighs _____ ...
130  cards
CHAPTER 6: The First Two Years (Cognitive Development)
0  cards
CHAPTER 9: Early Childhood (Cognitive Development
Preoperational intelligence _____...,
Piaget called the stage of human ...,
Piaget called the stage of human ...
138  cards
CHAPTER 11: Middle Childhood (Biosocial Development)
Children between the ages of 6 an...,
Middle childhood is the _____ per...,
The worldwide death rate during t...
128  cards
While working on a coloring works...,
Overregularization occurs because...,
You see a beautiful yellow flower...
43  cards
CHAPTER 16: Adolescence (Psychosocial Development)
Psychosocial development during a...,
Psychosocial development during a...,
According to erikson adolescents ...
137  cards
CHAPTER 20: Adulthood (Biosocial Development)
Jim is in his 60s and has started...,
Which of the following is not a c...,
In what area of the brain does ne...
234  cards
CHAPTER 22: Adulthood - Psychosocial Development
In which of erikson s stages of a...,
Which of the following is a hypot...,
With regards to the big five theo...
203  cards
Chapter 24: Late Adulthood - Cognitive Development
Which of the following is true of...,
The neurological evidence of majo...,
Connections between which brain a...
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