edexcel gcse (9-1) history: medicine in britain, c1250-present

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medieval medicine c1250-1500
Who treated the sick,
What did barber surgeons do,
What did wise women do
12  cards
black death (1348-49)
What were the main public health ...,
What was the black death,
What was the believed cause of th...
7  cards
renaissance medicine c1500-1700
What new ideas developed during t...,
What was the impact of the reform...,
What were the key inventions of t...
24  cards
the great plague 1665
What was thought to have caused t...,
What methods of treatment were used,
What methods of prevention were used
4  cards
industrial medicine c1700-1900
Who was john snow,
How did john snow find out ab cho...,
What was the impact of snows find...
30  cards
modern medicine c1900-present day
How did understanding of causes o...,
When was dna discovered,
How was dna discovered
35  cards
medicine on the western front - injuries
What was trench foot,
How was trench foot prevented,
What was trench fever
17  cards
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1  cards
medicine on the western front: significant battles
What were features of the trench ...,
Where were mines first significan...,
Where was the first use of chlori...
9  cards
medicine on the western front: context
Whos work led to development of a...,
What are methods used to prevent ...,
Who discovered blood groups
4  cards
medicine on the western front: new developments
What happened when the leg was no...,
What was designed to keep limbs a...,
What i
9  cards
medicine on the western front: FANY and RAMC
Who worked in fany,
What did the fany mostly do,
6  cards
medicine on the western front: chain of evacuation
What are the four stages of evacu...,
What is a stretcher bearers job,
How do soldiers get to the rap
10  cards

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edexcel gcse (9-1) history: medicine in britain, c1250-present

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