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edexcel gcse history: american west

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The Plains Indians
Who led bands,
What did the council of advisors do,
The protection of the band as a w...
41  cards
Westward Migration
What were the pull factors for mo...,
What were the push factors for mo...,
What did jedediah smith do
33  cards
US Gov policies towards Plains Indians
When and what was the indian remo...,
What was the significance of the ...,
What did president jackson promis...
9  cards
Donner Party and Mormon Migration
States mormons migrated to in order,
Who led the donner party,
What were the reasons for mormon ...
16  cards
Conflict and Tension
Why did tensions increase between...,
What were the reasons for tension...,
What were the terms of the fort l...
25  cards
American Civil War + Homestead Act
When was the homestead act,
How many people had been affected...,
What is the significance of the a...
17  cards
Pacific Railroad Act
When was the pacific railroad act,
What was the pacific railroad act...,
Why did the us government need ra...
15  cards
Homesteaders Tackling Issues
How did railroads make homesteads...,
When was the self governing windm...,
What was the purpose of the windmill
24  cards
Problems of Law and Order
How did the american civil war ha...,
What was hell on wheels,
Why were cow towns the most lawle...
19  cards
The Cattle Industry
Why did the railroads help the ca...,
What did the quarantine laws 1855 do,
After the civil war how many cows...
25  cards
Changes in Cowboys + Ranchers vs Homesteaders
Who were cowboys,
What were cowboys like,
How long did cowboys ride for on ...
17  cards
Impacts on Plains Indians + Gov Policy
What increased the pressure on pl...,
What was the impact of the railro...,
What was the impact of the cattle...
4  cards
US Policy towards Plains Indians and its impacts
In return for move plains indians...,
Why did plains indians move to re...,
What happened when it became clea...
12  cards
Indian Wars 1862-68
When was the little crow s war,
What was little crow the chief of,
When did dakota sioux bands inclu...
13  cards
Changes in farming
What catalysed new farming method...,
Who discovered dry farming,
Explain the impact dry farming ha...
9  cards
Changes in the Cattle Industry
What caused overstocking in the o...,
List the consequences of overstoc...,
Explain the fall in demand due to...
11  cards
Exoduster Movement + Oklahoma Land Rush
When was the exoduster movement,
How many slaves across the usa we...,
How did southern whites stop blac...
16  cards
Conflict + Tension Pt 1 (Billy, Wyatt, Johnson)
What were the factors that caused...,
How did geography cause lawlessness,
How did the weak justice system i...
26  cards
Conflict + Tension Pt 2 (Great Sioux War, Wounded Knee)
What was given to the sioux as pa...,
Describe how george custer was ab...,
What was the result of george cus...
18  cards
Extermination of the Buffalo
How many buffalo were on the grea...,
What is the deal with buffalo bei...,
What is the deal with hunters and...
11  cards
Plains Indians life on Reservations
What were reservations,
What were the living conditions l...,
What is an example of a native am...
14  cards
Changing Gov attitudes to Plains Indians
What were the aims of the dawes a...,
When did the us census office dec...,
What were government attitudes to...
8  cards

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