elkington optics

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Properties of light and visual function
What is the optic radiation,
How many wavebands are there in o...,
What are the 7 wavebands of the o...
81  cards
Reflection of Light
What is reflection of light,
Laws governing reflection,
What is diffuse reflection
15  cards
Refraction of Light
Define refraction,
What happens when light enters a ...,
Refractive index of common materials
14  cards
What is a prism,
What is the angle alpha of a prism,
What is the base of
21  cards
Spherical Lenses
What do convex lenses do to incid...,
What do concave lenses do to inci...,
How to calculate the total vergen...
23  cards
Astigmatic Lenses
How are cylindrical lenses made,
In which meridian of a cylindrica...,
What is the focal line parallel to
23  cards
Optical Prescriptions, Spectacle Lenses
What is lens transposition,
How is simple transposition of sp...,
How is simple transposition of cy...
26  cards
Aberrations of Optical Systems Including the Eye
What is chromatic aberration,
How to correct chromatic aberration,
How were the earliest achromatic ...
14  cards
Refraction by the eye
Why is the thin lens formula inad...,
What are the nodal points n1 n2,
What happens to the principal and...
54  cards
Optics of Ametropia
What is ametropia,
What is myopia,
Causes of myopia
40  cards
Why does the amplitude of accommo...,
How much accommodation is the eye...,
How much accommodation does the e...
7  cards
Contact Lenses
What determines the refracting po...,
What is the posterior central cur...,
What determines contact lens fit
7  cards
Optics of Low Vision Aids
How do low vision aids work,
Which lens can be used as a magni...,
What is the galilean system compo...
6  cards
Direct Ophthalmoscopy
0  cards

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elkington optics

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