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Definition of massive hemothorax ...,
Needle thoracostomy,
Indications for chest tube placement
85  cards
Resp acidosisacute chronic compen...,
Resp alkalosis,
Metabolic acidosiscompensation
14  cards
Cn iii palsy,
Cn vi palsy,
Cn iv palsy
11  cards
Critical Care
Size of et tube for adult,
Sizes of mac miller blades for ad...,
Correct placement of ett
89  cards
Dose of ondansetron,
Peds gcs,
What to send stool for in ed
98  cards
Needle gauge for arthrocentesis,
What to send joint aspirate for,
Lp landmarks
36  cards
Correction factor for etoh when c...,
Classic co hgb spo2 reading,
Opioid toxicity toxidrome
46  cards
How to correct hyponatremia coma ...,
Non severe hyponatremia algorithm,
Goals of correction of hyponatremia
77  cards
Dermatomes upper limb anterior,
Dermatomes upper limb posterior,
Dermatomes lower limb
12  cards
Carpal bones,
Ankle xray views metrics,
Nomenclature of hip s
83  cards
EM 3
Dosing of diltiazem,
Verapamil dosing,
Iv digoxin load af
62  cards
Us signs of tamponade,
Us dimension for acute appendicitis,
3  cards
Ckd definition,
Ckd stages,
New onset ckd tests
10  cards
Abcd2 score,
Cutoffs for carotid endarterectomy,
34  cards
Dimensions for fb to pass,
Criteria for urgent endoscopy for...,
Dose of glucagon for food bolus
19  cards
Diagnosis of dka,
Rapid acting insulins,
Short acting insulins
36  cards
Groin skinfold rashes,
Max time to use low high potency ...,
Max time to use ultra high potenc...
26  cards
Normal esr,
Complex regional pain syndrome i
16  cards
Confusion assessment method cam
2  cards
Pain & Palliative Care
General algorithm for neuropathic...,
Nsaid with least adverse cv effects
12  cards
Sickle cell emergencies,
How to supplement iron,
Perc rule
31  cards
Nyha classification of heart failure,
Management if statin induced myal...
36  cards
Which leg is more likely to have ...,
Cocp contraindications,
Missed pill guidelines
50  cards
ID & Immunizations
Lyme disease bug and tick name,
Malaria prophylaxis,
Travel immunizations
67  cards
Bacterial tracheitis,
Retropharyngeal abscess,
Management of epiglottitis
14  cards
Environmental EM
Cold injuries,
Heat emergencies
9  cards
Urinary retention management,
Microhematuria management,
Gross hematuria management
8  cards

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