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Headaches quiz - Ch 140
What onset type and symptoms may ...,
What medications are considered a...,
36  cards
Headaches quiz - Ch 141
What is the classic description o...,
What does the presence or absence...,
What are the risk factors for sah
8  cards
Headaches quiz - Ch 148
What are the life threatening cen...,
What is aseptic meningitis,
What are the mcc of aseptic menin...
38  cards
Headaches quiz - ch 149
What is temporal arteritis giant ...,
What is the typical demographic f...,
What are associated symptoms for ...
10  cards
Headache quiz - Ch 150
What are pe findings for patients...,
What is the typical presentation ...,
What is the treatment plan for pa...
3  cards
Trigger - All
Suspicion of what condition would...,
Patients who are elderly alcoholi...,
A patient w ha who also has vesti...
41  cards
Lecture 4: Headaches in the ED (Enochs)
Red flags in history for ed pt pr...,
What is considered analgesic over...,
What illegal substances can incre...
48  cards
Chest pain Quiz - Ch17
What is classically described car...,
What patients are at risk for hav...,
What two specific things can acce...
28  cards
Chest pain Quiz - Ch18
What are the risk factors for cad,
What are signs of hemodynamic str...,
What is the st segment based crit...
10  cards
Chest pain Quiz - Ch 20
What is considered a patient with...,
What is the only test that is rel...,
Describe the evaluation process f...
6  cards
Chest pain Quiz - Ch 24
What is the difference between pr...,
What is the mc type of cardiomyop...,
What is the clinical presentation...
36  cards
triggers - chest pain
Pulsus paradoxus is seen when,
Difficult to describe and localiz...,
What is becks triad and what is i...
29  cards
Lecture 1: Principles of EM (enochs)
What 3 things can be given in pra...,
What are the 8 steps of determini...,
What is the difference between a ...
15  cards
Lecture 2: EENT (enochs)
What are the 3 cns that control e...,
Label this and tell me what each ...,
What can chronic use of ophthalmi...
147  cards
EENT trigger
Pain with eom is a red flag for w...,
Antiparkinsons antispasmodics ant...,
Treat with keflex or augmentin pc...
77  cards
Lecture 3: Fevers and Seizures (enochs)
What is the general temp for a fever,
What temperatures must be adjusted,
For an adult fever what are top d...
51  cards
Lecture 6: Syncope
How long does syncope typically last,
What are the 4 mcc of syncope,
What is reflex syncope
28  cards
Lecture 7: Environmental Emergencies (Elkins)
What is heat illness,
What characterizes heat edema how...,
What is heat syncope and what is ...
122  cards
Lecture 7: Environmental Emergencies
What is good samaritan law,
What are the 3 stinger type insec...,
How long might it take for insect...
51  cards
Lecture 8: Dyspnea in the ED
What s s suggest dyspnea,
What medication use is very perti...,
Wht does a history of mechnical v...
48  cards
Lecture 8: Dyspnea Readings
Classifications of acute hf,
Top symptom for acute heart failure,
Top 3 symptoms generally unique t...
55  cards
Lecture 9: Resuscitation and Shock
What is often the first clinical ...,
When we first suspect shock what ...,
What map do we typically aim for ...
78  cards
Lecture 10: Trauma + IPV/abuse
What is the 4 step approach to a ...,
What falls under the primary survey,
If a patient can respond to you a...
75  cards
Lecture 11: Abdominal Pain Readings
When does an aaa require repair,
Classic presentation of ruptured aaa,
What hx might predispose aortoent...
103  cards
Abdominal pain in the ER
What are the three types of abdom...,
Which type of pain begins as tend...,
What are the mc extra abdominal e...
39  cards
abdomen Reading trigger
Pt presents with sudden abdominal...,
This diagnosis is often misdiagno...,
50 y o using cocaine and hx of ht...
44  cards
Environmental med trigger
Presents with slightly elevated o...,
What populations are at risk for ...,
Inability to maintain adequate co...
52  cards
trauma trigger
Mannitol is used for what,
Open fx abx,
Ruptured abdominal viscus abx
54  cards
trauma trigger COPY USE THIS ONE
Mannitol is used for what,
Open fx abx,
Ruptured abdominal viscus abx
50  cards
resuscitation trigger
Decreased svrdecreased preloadmix...,
Increased svrdecreased preloaddec...,
Increased svrincreased preloadinc...
52  cards
Lecture 11: Abdominal Pain Part 2
Classic presentation of viral gas...,
What qualifies as diarrhea for ga...,
Diagnostics for viral gastroenter...
69  cards
ED LE and testes (super fast reading)
What abi is indicative of periphe...,
What significantly increases risk...,
What timeframe is dangerous for l...
48  cards
Readings AMS quiz
Hypoglycemia in diabetics is usua...,
Clinical features of hypoglycemia,
Diagnosis of hypoglycemia
74  cards
Lecture 12.5: LE + Male Genitalia Lecture
Erysipelas mc organism is,
Cellulitis mc organism is,
Cellulitis has borders while erys...
91  cards
Wheres the first place to go to f...,
What are some of the first signs ...,
What are some of the mc opioids
24  cards
Lecture 13: Pain + Wound Management
Is the mc presenting symptom to t...,
The two ways we rate pain are via...,
Systemic opioids are used when pa...
81  cards
Lecture 14: AMS + Psych Emergencies
Is slow in onset and chronic in n...,
Is an acute change in attention a...,
If a patient presents with neuro ...
68  cards
Trigger - Pain + Wound Care
Which nsaid has no bronchospasm risk,
Do you base pain assessment tream...,
Which of the following are not as...
10  cards

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