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Extras for Chapter 1 - Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
Definition a system for telephone...,
Definition a process of continuou...,
Definition oversight of the patie...
94  cards
Chapter 2 - The Well-Being of the EMT
The Well-Being of the EMT
60  cards
Chapter 3 - Lifting and Moving Patients
When you are lifting a heavy obje...,
For which reason should an urgent...,
The preferred device for carrying...
46  cards
Chapter 4 - Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Authority granted to a teacher or...,
Mentally competent adults of lega...,
Ems personnel can treat unconscio...
60  cards
Chapter 5 - Medical Terminology
The study of functions of the bod...,
The structure of the body is refe...,
The anatomical position is best d...
30  cards
Chapter 6 - Anatomy and Physiology
When the body cannot get enough o...,
The principal organ of the renal ...,
The organ that produces eggs in a...
53  cards
Chapter 7 - Ventilation, Perfusion, and Shock: Understanding Pathophysiology
The process of converting glucose...,
Important chemicals in the body t...,
The process of metabolism that us...
40  cards
Chapter 8 - Life Span Development
Patients younger than 1 year of a...,
The soft spot on the top of the h...,
A startled infant who reaches out...
26  cards
Chapter 9 - Airway Management
The first step of emergency care ...,
Signs of inadequate airway includ...,
During your assessment of a 54 ye...
32  cards
Chapter 10 - Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
The reduction of breathing to the...,
Signs of inadequate breathing inc...,
A 45 year old is suffering from a...
43  cards
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Emergency Medical Care
Most states require refresher tra...,
An emt at a basic level is operat...,
Which of the following is not a r...
44  cards

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