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CH 1 -2: Intro to EMS / EMT Well-Being
What is a quality improvement pro...,
What are the four general levels ...,
What is a standing order
35  cards
CH 4: Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues
What is the scope of practice,
What is a standard of care,
What is the difference between sc...
15  cards
CH 5: Medical Terminology / A&P
What happens during inhalation,
What happens during exhalation,
What is ventilation
34  cards
CH 6: Principles of Pathophysiology
What are the chemical components ...,
What is tidal volume,
What is minute volume
26  cards
CH 8: Airway Management - Concepts
What are the three regions of the...,
What is the entry point to the la...,
What is the purpose of the glotti...
11  cards
CH 8: Airway Management - Critical Thinking
On arrival at the emergency scene...,
When evaluating a small child you...,
When assessing an unconscious pat...
6  cards
CH 4: Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues - Critical Thinking
You and your partner are in your ...,
You are transporting a patient wh...,
You respond to a motor vehicle cr...
3  cards
CH 6: Principles of Pathophysiology - Critical Thinking
What are the requirements for nor...,
Considering the requirements of n...,
You have a patient with a traumat...
5  cards
CH 9: Respiration and Artificial Ventilation - Concepts
On average how much air reaches t...,
What is diffusion,
What is pulmonary respiration
17  cards
CH 9: Respiration and Artificial Ventilation - Critical Thinking
On arrival at the emergency scene...,
On arrival at the scene you find ...,
You find an adult female patient ...
6  cards
CH 10: Scene Size-Up - Concepts
What is the first component of th...,
What is the danger zone,
What is mechanism of injury
18  cards
CH 10: Scene Size-Up - Critical Thinking
You are called to the scene of a ...,
A patient has stab wounds to the ...,
Would any of your answers change ...
3  cards
CH 11: The Primary Assessment - Concepts
What are other terms for the prim...,
When you approach a patient what ...,
What are the six steps of your pr...
13  cards
CH 11: The Primary Assessment - Critical Thinking
A 26 year old male found unrespon...,
A 60 year old female complaining ...,
A 6 month old infant who vomited ...
9  cards
CH 12: Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices - Concepts
What are vital signs,
What are you concerned with when ...,
What is a normal pulse rate for a...
33  cards
CH 12: Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices - Critical Thinking
How much time should the emt spen...,
How should you react when the bp ...,
How can you get an accurate pulse...
6  cards
CH 14: Assessment of Medical Patient - Concepts
What is the most important source...,
What are the four parts of second...,
What questions do you ask during ...
10  cards
CH 14: Assessment of Medical Patient - Critical Thinking
What questions would you ask to g...,
You are trying to get info from t...,
You are interviewing a very pleas...
4  cards
CH 38: EMS Operations - Concepts
What are the two components to an...,
If you are in a collision which t...,
When do other drivers see or hear...
10  cards
CH 38: EMS Operations - Critical Thinking
What equipment should you include...,
How should the equipment be posit...
2  cards

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