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Disease Reservoirs & Transmission
Who is considered one of the earl...,
Disease transmission is the resul...,
In the 1854 outbreak of cholera i...
49  cards
Epidemic Curves & Determinants of Disease
What is happening during the incu...,
What is happening during the late...,
Does the incubation period always...
44  cards
What is public health,
What is veterinary public health,
What is veterinary public health ...
29  cards
Emerging Infectious Diseases
How many new human diseases have ...,
What percentage of human pathogen...,
What 2 factors determine if a dis...
44  cards
Regulatory Animal Diseases & USDA Accreditation
Diseases are generally chosen due...,
What role to practicing veterinar...,
T f the government monitors cases...
39  cards
Intro to Risk Communication & Applications in Veterinary Medicine
Risk what,
What is risk,
According to dr peter m sandman r...
41  cards
Veterinary Disaster Management
What is an example of a slow onse...,
What is the 2009 united nations d...,
What is the gunn and lechat defin...
49  cards
Intro to Zoonoses
What are zoonoses,
What are anthroponoses,
What are 4 examples of things tha...
110  cards
Systemic continuous observation o...,
What is the definition of surveil...,
What are 2 reasons for surveillance
48  cards
Prevention, control, eradication of disease
Preventing the occurrence of a di...,
What is the goal of primary preve...,
Vaccination to protect individual...
34  cards
2-Zoonoses: Aerosol & Respiratory Transmission
Do enzootic bacterial category a ...,
What are 3 examples of enzootic b...,
What is a cosmopolitan intracellu...
141  cards
2-Zoonoses from Carnivores: Dogs, Cats and Raccoons
Several developmental stages of t...,
Which protozoa is an apicomplexan...,
Are cats with toxoplasma gondii u...
76  cards
2-Mosquitoes and Zoonoses
The pathogen must develop in the ...,
How are most diseases acquired by...,
The number of days it takes for t...
53  cards
2-Flies and Zoonoses, Percutaneous Zoonoses
Who are common reservoirs for myi...,
Infestation with fly larvae is kn...,
When blowfly larvae simply infest...
62  cards
2-Zoonoses from Milk & Water
How do bacteria infect the milk,
What are 3 examples of classicall...
2  cards
What disease has the highest case...,
What i an acute typically fatal r...,
The rabies virus present in saliv...
68  cards
2-One Health
What percentage of all emerging h...,
One health ties together what thr...,
The world population is projected...
21  cards
2-Zoonotic and Transboundary Diseases
What is an acute highly infectiou...,
What are 7 examples of usda prohi...,
How many different serotypes of f...
96  cards

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