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even more NGT
Describe the progress in ethiopia...,
Describe the progress in ethiopia...,
The sandfly and dermal leishmania
42  cards
clinical trials and P values
P values,
What does a p value of 00001 show,
Definition of p value
20  cards
The main features of a cross sect...,
Examples of cross sectional surveys,
Features of a case control study
9  cards
Health data
Major sources of health data,
What is routine data,
Advantages of routine data
9  cards
screening - course guide
When is screening carried out,
Describe screening tests
25  cards
screening - core reading
When is mass screening useful,
Strength of population screening,
Weakness of population screening
21  cards
screening - lecture
What is screening,
Results from screening test,
Challenges for screening tests
25  cards
systematic reviews and meta analysis course guide
What is a systematic review,
What is a meta analysis,
Why do a systematic review
28  cards
systematic review and meta analysis
What is involved in a systematic ...,
Why conduct a systematic review,
How do you find systematic reviews
17  cards
EBM - course guide
Describe the development of ebm,
Criticism of ebm,
Why is ebm important to clinicians
19  cards
EBM and association - lecture
Role of ebm,
Criticism of ebm,
Hierarchy of evidence
22  cards
clinical trials - course guide
What is a clinical trial,
Why are clinical trials unique,
Features of a clinical trial
25  cards
critical appraisal - course guide
Why are critical appraisal skills...,
What do you do first in a critica...,
What do you include in the summar...
4  cards
critical appraisal - core reading
Summarise finding evidence,
Defining the question,
Searching for data
37  cards
Critical appraisal
What is critical appraisal used for,
Describe the transdisciplinary mo...,
To determine if the content is ap...
20  cards
public health
What is public health,
3 domains of public health,
What are the indicators of health
20  cards
West nile virus,
45  cards
non-infectious disease
Commonest non infectious cause of...,
Cancer burden 2018,
5 leading cancers female
19  cards
infectious disease
Describe the epidemiology of aids,
2017 aids stats,
Geography of aids
13  cards
standardised mortality ratios
What is the smr,
Use of an smr
2  cards
epidemiological principles
What is a case control study,
How would you design a case contr...,
Advantages of a case control study
13  cards
ratio and risk
Relative risk,
Odds ratio,
How do you calculate an odds ratio
16  cards
sampling, hypothesis, normally distributed data
Normal distribution,
Null hypothesis
16  cards
statistical terminology
Attributable risk,
Attributable risk,
Excess fraction
36  cards
public health - medlearn
Public health,
What is health proportion
28  cards
core guide chapter 4 - meta analysis
Defining the question,
Searching for resources,
Refining the research
36  cards
Chapter 7
Observational research,
Type of observational study,
Experimental research
35  cards
ecological studies
What do ecological studies do,
Aggregate data,
Use of ecological studies
8  cards
surveys and cross sectional studies
What is a survey,
Cross sectional,
Use of x sectional stidies
10  cards
case control studies
Case control study,
Use of case control,
Selection of cases
10  cards
cohort study
Cohort study,
Selection of cohort
17  cards
clinical trials - core reading
What is a clinical trial,
Benefit of experimental studies,
Types of clinical trials
14  cards
Revision powerpoint - everything we need to know
Describe the epidemiological tran...,
Dynamic nature of the epidemiolog...,
Most commonly diagnosed cancer
121  cards
What are confounders,
Ways to deal with confounding,
Why would patients be allocated r...
10  cards
last minute bits
What can be given by x sectional ...,
10  cards
infectious disease course guide
Age standardised death rates,
Under 5 mortality
3  cards
cardiovascular disease - coarse guide
Deaths in 2010,
Developed developing,
Effect of transitions
7  cards
Success of aids,
Problem with aids currently,
Prevention methods
5  cards
Burden of diseases
Inequality of non comm,
Top deaths in uk,
Non c demand on healthcare uk
8  cards
key challenges to med lecture
Key challenges to medicine,
Burden of disease,
9  cards

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