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Intro and Basic Concepts
What is epidemiology,
Define morbidity,
What is publoc health
98  cards
Types of Pathogens
What are pathogens,
Give 6 examples of pathogens,
What are prions
39  cards
Cholera and John Snow
What microbe causes cholera,
What does vibrio cholerae do to f...,
How do people usually get cholera
13  cards
Infectious Diseases in History
Give 3 large examples of how infe...,
What type of infection is pneumonia,
What organism causes pneumonia
33  cards
Bradford Hill Criteria
What are the bradford hill criteria,
What are the 9 bradford hill crit...,
Describe temporality
11  cards
Measuring Association
Define cause,
What does disease result from,
What are the 3 types of causes
46  cards
Case Control Studies
Compare and contrast case control...,
What is the worst study design to...,
What are the 3 best study designs...
29  cards
Investigating an Outbreak
What is an outbreak,
Why do we investigate an outbreak 6,
What are the 7 steps of investiga...
33  cards
Cohort Studies
What do cohort studies do,
What can the outcome be in a coho...,
Can you evaluate multiple risk fa...
45  cards
What is the function of the immun...,
Is an immune response always helpful,
What is an antigen
33  cards
Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Modeling
What are statistics used for,
Give 3 classic statistical tests ...,
Describe the t test and give an e...
27  cards
Introduction to Survival Analysis
What is survival analysis a subse...,
How long have we been doing survi...,
What are 3 applications of surviv...
23  cards
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Epidemiology
Compare data and information to c...,
What is an information system,
Define gis
17  cards

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