eppp - from practice tests

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EPPP - from practice tests
Encoding specificity,
Elaborative rehearsal
51  cards
Practice Test 6 Errors
Hypnogogic versus hypnopompic state,
Moffitt s theory of antisocial be...,
Reliability vs validity
19  cards
Couples therapy
Symmetrical communication,
Complementary interactions,
4  cards
When is multiple regression used,
When is canonical correlation used,
When is multiple discriminant ana...
4  cards
Biological issues in psych
Where are steroids produced,
When maois are combined with cert...,
What type of medication can cause...
26  cards
What is a schema,
What is sensory memory for sound ...,
What is sensory memory for vision...
25  cards
Family therapy
What name is associated with tria...,
What name is associated with dise...,
Per bowen when are family members...
9  cards
Industrial / Organizational
What is ranking,
What is banding,
What is the multiple hurdle techn...
59  cards
Ect electroconvulsive shock thera...,
According to sue ivey and pederso...,
As described by william cross wha...
8  cards
Lifespan / developmental
True or false the age of disclosu...,
True or false the age of initial ...,
Of the four domains in intelligen...
21  cards
Assessment / Diagnosis
Who shows greater improvement on ...,
What is a somatoform disorder,
What are the different somatoform...
8  cards
Group therapy
What are the most important thera...
1  cards
Research design
When is the carryover effect an i...,
When is statistical regression an...,
When is selection a problem in a ...
10  cards
Social psychology
Define confirmation bias,
When does the saliency bias occur,
What is a self fulfilling prophecy
7  cards
What are the stages in helm s whi...,
In helm s white identity developm...,
In helm s white identity developm...
14  cards
Test construction
What is criterion contamination,
What is differential prediction,
What is differential validity
4  cards
Clinical psychology
What is howard s 1993 phase model...,
What is a tenet of interpersonal ...,
What is the most basic defense me...
37  cards
Names to remember
3  cards

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