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Practice Exam
What type of client would benefit...,
The ___ contains sensory receptors,
What type of peel would not typic...
102  cards
milady exam prep F1-F10
Which is most important in fulfil...,
What most helps an organization t...,
What should fashion be for the be...
113  cards
Ch.1 Career opportunities and history of esthetics
What materials used in early brau...,
Understanding the history of the ...,
A branch of anatomical science th...
20  cards
CH. 2 Anatomy & Physiology
What is the study of structures o...,
What term refers to the study of ...,
What is the study of the tiny str...
76  cards
CH.3 Physiology and Histology of the Skin.
What term refers to the study of ...,
All of the following refer to est...,
What is true of a client who has ...
84  cards
CH.4 Disorders and Diseases of the Skin.
What is good advice for an esthet...,
What statement is true of skin co...,
What type of lesions are lesions ...
75  cards
CH.5 Skin Analysis
What must an esthetician determin...,
The center area of the face corre...,
What type of skin has a small fol...
73  cards
CH. 6 Skin Care Products: Chemistry, Ingredients, and Selection.
When it comes to products skin ca...,
What is the responsibility of ski...,
When explaining how products work...
69  cards
CH. 7 The Treatment Room
What time should you arrive at yo...,
What is essential to the function...,
What will increase your performan...
48  cards
CH. 8 Facial Treatments.
In the skin care industry regular...,
For estheticians facial treatment...,
A professional service designed t...
73  cards
Infection Control (SLIDES)
Mechanical process using soap wat...,
Chemical process for reducing the...,
Chemical process for use with non...
56  cards
CH.9 Facial Massage.
The definition of massage is a me...,
Through the response of reflex re...,
Helps with waste removalbrings nu...
51  cards
CH.10 Facial Devices & Technology
The use of facial devices technology,
Investment in high quality machin...,
The use of electrical devices for...
46  cards
CH. 11 Hair Removal
How much money do consumers in th...,
What is the most common method of...,
What is one of the most lucrative...
55  cards
CH. 6 Chem slides
The daily functioning of our bodi...,
The effects of cosmetics beauty p...,
The science that deals w the comp...
80  cards
CH. 7 Electricity Slides
The flow of electricity along a c...,
Any material that conducts electr...,
Material that does not transmit e...
59  cards
CH. 8 Career Planning Slides
Typical independent salon spa or ...,
Management marketing professional...,
Shares a national name consistent...
8  cards
CH. 10 The Beauty Business Slides
Summary of your plan list of your...,
Long term picture of what the bus...,
Written description of your busin...
17  cards
Comprehensive Exam
What is not a common result of ex...,
Can result in loss of muscle tone...,
Your interview outfit should be f...
78  cards
CH. 2 Anatomy & Physiology
The basic unit of all living thin...,
Made of protoplasm a colorless je...,
Dense active protoplasm found in ...
128  cards
CH.1 The History of Esthetics
Involves the integration of surgi...,
Responsible for selling products ...,
Highly qualified experienced esth...
12  cards
CH. 3 Physiology & Histology
The study of the structure compos...,
The study of living organisms,
Largest one of the most important...
111  cards

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