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Ion channels, transport proteins, membrane potential, action potential, receptor families and signaling, drug transport, absorption and distribution, includes week 3 signal transduction
212  cards
Drug Metabolism
105  cards
FDN2_SM_Drugs & Targets
What are _____ azapam drugs,
Benzodiazepines have the suffix,
What are _____ azolams
60  cards
Where are the cell bodies of all ...,
What does grey matter contain,
Where can grey matter be found
105  cards
Epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous
156  cards
65  cards
What is hypertrophy,
What is atropy,
What is the term for increase in ...
113  cards
List the layers of the body wall ...,
What is celomic lining in the tho...,
What is parietal pleura
153  cards
What is the most common site of n...,
What are some common sites of ect...,
What are the major events of week...
134  cards
Some cards, not comprehensive
5  cards
What 4 pieces of information are ...,
What case resulted in the duty to...,
Describe the martin salgo case
27  cards
Translational Research
Distinguish between the types of transnational research
19  cards
What are the components of a comp...,
What fraction of all americans li...,
What percentage of all us healthc...
19  cards
What does fitte stand for,
What is a met,
What is physical activity volume
27  cards

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