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Chapter 1 - Overview of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
To cause to become less harsh or ...,
Fire prevention is the eliminatio...,
Fire prevention also involves ___...
43  cards
Chapter 2 - Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
A system component that receives ...,
The _________________________ con...,
The facp basically serves as the ...
117  cards
Chapter 3 - Smoke Management Systems
System that limits the exposure o...,
Engineered system designed to con...,
Presently smoke management system...
38  cards
Chapter 4 - Water Supply Systems
Despite the development of many n...,
Three reasons water is used as th...,
Water is _________ and has its __...
93  cards
Chapter 5 - Fire Pumps
The most common type of fire pump...,
The ________________ _______ ____...,
A pump that needs ____________ is...
92  cards
Chapter 6 - Automatic Sprinkler Systems
According to the usfa the presenc...,
The first sprinkler system was in...,
The first standard for the design...
134  cards
Chapter 7 - Standpipe and Hose Systems
Because the fire pump discharge p...,
____________ __________ continue ...,
Which nfpa standard is used for t...
51  cards
Chapter 8 - Special Extinguishing Systems
Special extinguishing systems are...,
5 classifications of fire _______...,
Automatic sprinkler systems are t...
78  cards
Chapter 9 - Portable Fire Extinguishers
Which nfpa standard provides info...,
Fire extinguishers are labeled ac...,
Nfpa 10 recognizes two different ...
124  cards

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