fundamentals of nursing

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Evidence-Based Practice
Why is it not advised to ask a tr...,
Why is it not advised to use your...,
Why is it not advised to use your...
24  cards
Vital Signs
Why do vital signs need to be acc...,
What is the order to report vital...,
What is elder speak
122  cards
What is definition of infection,
What are the top offenders for hai
93  cards
Personal hygienecleanliness and g...,
Who is responsible of the patient...,
4 principles of skin function
61  cards
What percent of nursing back inju...,
What are some variables leading t...,
What is the proper body mechanics...
47  cards
Medication Calculation
Volume terms,
Weight terms,
1 liter __________ml
37  cards
Oxygenation and Perfusion
What is the number 1 preventable ...,
Oxygenation does what to venous b...
127  cards
EXAM 1 Main Points
How do we get from tablespoon to ml,
6 competencies of qsen,
Informed consent 4 rights
109  cards
Isbar standardized communication,
Sentinel event
22  cards
Medication Administration
Where is medication by central ph...
176  cards
Safety and Security
62  cards
Nursing Process
Nursing process human response to...,
Nursing process,
Critical thinking
82  cards
Pressure Injury
What is a pressure injury,
Where are common sites for pressu...
31  cards
Skin Integrity and Wound Care
Wound types,
What is an example of clean wound
129  cards
Tube Feeding
Bmi of what is underweight,
Bmi of what is normal weight,
Bmi of what is overweight
47  cards
Decrease sleep affects what health
99  cards
Pain can be,
Decreased sleep,
If we manage pain we have
123  cards
Urinary Elimination
If someone is fluid deficit what ...,
When someone has urinary issues w...,
What is the main involuntary musc...
103  cards
Bowel Elimination
How does age affect bowl movements,
What do we want fiber intake at,
What do we want fluid intake at
101  cards
Perioperative Nursing
3 phases,
What phases are completed by the ...,
What phase does the or nurse do
152  cards
ANA Provisions
When does the process of becoming...,
What do we usepatient or client,
9 provisions are
18  cards
Elder speak,
When to assess vs,
Vs are part of what adpie
242  cards
PPE for Transmission
Contact precautions,
Airborne precautions,
Droplet and enhanced droplet
3  cards

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