gcse aqa biology 9-1

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B11 Hormones and response
What are hormones,
What do hormones control,
What are the effects of hormones
63  cards
B2 Cell division
What does the nucleus contain,
What is the cell cycle,
What do chromosomes contain
28  cards
B1 Cell Biology
What is diffusion,
Why is oxygen needed in the body,
Why does oxygen move into a cell
47  cards
B3 Organisation And Enzymes
What is an enzyme,
What is a catalyst,
What is the active site
43  cards
B4 Organising animals and plants
What is the problem with a single...,
What is the advantage of a double...,
What is the function of the heart
65  cards
B5 Communicable Diseases
What is a communicable disease,
How are communicable diseases spread,
How do different diseases interac...
52  cards
B6 Treating Comunicable Disease
What is the job of the non specif...,
What does the skin do to protect ...,
What does the nose have to protec...
48  cards
B7 Non Comminicable Disease
What causes a tumor,
What are benign tumours,
Do benign tumours invade other pa...
23  cards
B8 Photosynthesis
What do plants use as an energy s...,
What is the chemical reaction whe...,
What type of reaction is photosyn...
24  cards
B9 Respiration
What is energy needed for,
What is cellular respiration,
What type of reaction is cellular...
25  cards
B10 Homeostasis/nervous system
What do enzymes need in order to ...,
What is homeostasis,
What is homeostasis used for in h...
55  cards
What is the size of a centimetre ...,
What is the size of a millimetre ...,
What is the size of a micrometre ...
4  cards
B13 Reproduction
What are gametes,
How are gametes made,
What does sexual reproduction inv...
72  cards
B12 Kidneys (homeostasis in action)
How do the kidneys remove excess ...,
How do the kidneys control the le...,
How does the body deal with exces...
11  cards
B14 Variation and Evolution
What is variation,
What are the three main causes of...,
What is genetic variation due to
30  cards
B15 Genetics and Evolution
How did darwin develop his theory...,
What is present within any specie...,
What does survival of the fittest...
34  cards
B16 Adaptation, interdependence and competition
What is a habitat,
What is a population,
What is a community
31  cards
B17 Organising an ecosystem
What is biomass,
What are producers,
What does a general food chain lo...
15  cards
B18 Biodiversity and ecosystems
What is biodiversity,
What does high biodiversity ensure,
How does an increasing human popu...
45  cards
B2 Cell division COPY
What does the nucleus contain,
What is the cell cycle,
What do chromosomes contain
28  cards

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gcse aqa biology 9-1

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