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Unit 1 - Cell Biology
State the two main types of cells,
Eukaryotes are organisms that are...,
A prokaryote is a ______
30  cards
Plant cells + Cell specialisation animals
State the sub cellular structures...,
Draw a plant cell,
Describe the shape of plant cells...
44  cards
Plant cell specialisation + Microscopes
State some specialised cells in p...,
State the function of the root hair,
State the adaptations of the root...
46  cards
Microscopy + Bacterial division
State the two types of microscopes,
Microscopes allow us to ____,
State the limitations of using li...
28  cards
Cell division by Mitosis + Stem Cells
What is found in the nucleus,
What are chromosomes made up of,
What do body cells contain
34  cards
Define diffusion,
State some of the substances that...,
Describe how oxygen moves into th...
33  cards
Osmosis + investigating the effects of osmosis on plant tissue required practical
Define osmosis,
In terms of concentration of wate...,
In terms of concentration of wate...
32  cards
Unit 2 - Cellular Organisation
0  cards
Cellular Organisation
What is a cell,
Give an example of a cell in plants,
Give an example of cell in humans
24  cards
Digestive system
What is the digestive system,
What happens during the digestive...,
Name the different parts of the d...
31  cards
State the seven kinds of nutrients,
State the use of water,
State the structure of water
23  cards
Food tests
In a food test how do you prepare...,
Give examples of foods that conta...,
How do you test for starch
16  cards
What is an enzyme,
What are enzymes made up of,
How many times can an enzyme be used
24  cards
Gas Exchange
Label the diagram of the lungs,
Where does gas exchange occur,
What happens during gas exchange
21  cards
Practical: Investigating the effect of pH on the enzyme amylase
Describe how to investigate the e...,
What are buffer solution used for,
Problems with the experiment
5  cards
The heart
State the role of the circulatory...,
Why is blood needed to be taken a...,
List the main organs of the circu...
52  cards
Blood vessels
Name three types of blood vessel,
Function of arteries,
What are capillaries
37  cards
What is the function of blood,
Give an example of waste product ...,
Name the 4 components of blood
30  cards
Coronary Heart Disease
What are cardiovascular diseases,
Fill in the gapscardiovascular di...,
Give an example of a cardiovascul...
23  cards
Helping the heart
In what case would a biological v...,
Consequnces of faulty heart valves,
If faulty valves are not treated ...
18  cards
Plant tissues, organs and systems
Name the parts of the plantfile c...,
Name the tissues of a plantepider...,
What does the epidermal tissue do
32  cards
What is transpiration,
Describe the process of transpira...,
Where does photosynthesis take place
15  cards
Unit 2 - Health issues + correlating risk factors
State two types of diseases,
Give an example of communicable d...,
Communicable diseases are spread ...
36  cards
Unit 2 - Cancer
Explain how mitosis is a tightly ...,
What could happen to this tightly...,
State the different types of tumours
10  cards
Unit 3 - Detection and identification of plant diseases
State the name of a type of insec...,
Complete the sentenceplants can a...,
What do aphids do
28  cards
Plant defence responses
Plants have a range of defence me...,
State the three main defence syst...,
Plants have _____ to prevent ____...
21  cards
Diseases & viral diseases
State the two types of disease,
Define non communicable disease,
Define non communicable
35  cards
Bacterial and Fungal diseases and Protist diseases
State some examples of bacterial ...,
Two symptoms of infection by salm...,
State the symptoms of salmonella
23  cards
Non specific defence systems + the immune system
State some of the non specific de...,
State an example of specific resp...,
What is the job of the non specif...
17  cards
Vaccination, Antibiotics and Painkillers
What is vaccination,
Why can t vaccination lead to a d...,
Describe how vaccination can prev...
26  cards
Monoclonal antibodies
What is the name of the white blo...,
Define monoclonal antibodies,
Describe how monoclonal antibodie...
15  cards
Unit 4 - Photosynthesis + uses of photosynthesis + rate of photosynthesis
What do plants use as their sourc...,
Define photosynthesis,
The ______ that plant use to trap...
67  cards
Metabolism + photosynthesis pracitcal
Define metabolism,
What is the energy released by re...
8  cards
Sexual / Asexual reproduction + DNA
How many pairs of chromosomes in ...,
Difference between mitosis and me...,
Type of cells where the chromosom...
44  cards
DNA structure, Protein Synthesis, Mutations, Alleles, Cystic fibrosis
The dna polymer is made up of ___...,
How dna determines the structure ...,
Each gene codes for ____
46  cards
Cystic fibrosis, Polydactyly, Embryo Screening, Family trees, Inheritance of Sex
What is polydactyly,
What is polydactyly caused by,
Polydactyly is caused by a domina...
21  cards
Define variation,
Causes of variation,
Causes of genetic variation
35  cards
Variation 2
The theory of evolution by natura...
26  cards
Define homeostasis,
What does homeostasis maintain op...,
In the human body homeostasis is ...
26  cards
Required pracitcal - Reaction Time
Describe how to measure a person ...,
Independent variable of reaction ...,
Dependent variable of reaction ti...
6  cards
The brain + THE EYE
Purpose of the brain,
What is the brain made up of,
Parts of the brain
46  cards
Thermoregulation + Endocrine system + Control of blood glucose concentration
Describe how the brain monitors t...,
Describe how negative feedback co...,
What is the body temperature moni...
43  cards
The Kidneys + The menstrual cycle
Explain why it is important that ...,
How does the body take in water,
Describe the different ways that ...
34  cards
Contraception and Treating Infertility
What is contraception,
How can fertility be controlled,
Describe different methods of con...
22  cards
Negative Feedback + Plants
Where are the adrenal glands located,
When is adrenaline produced,
What are the main effects of adre...
33  cards
Ecology - Competition & Interdependence, Biotic & Abiotic factors, Adaptations, Food chains
Describe the levels of organisati...,
What is the habitat,
What is a population
53  cards
Sampling organisms, Carbon cycle
Explain how the effect of the lev...,
What is sampling,
Two types of samplingtwo ways to ...
31  cards
Water cycle, Decomposition
Describe the stages of the water ...,
Importance of water,
Importance of water cycle
29  cards
Required practical - Decay, Environmental change, biodiversity, deforestation
Describe how to investigate the e...,
Explain why it is very important ...,
Explain why it may be difficult t...
27  cards
waste management, land use, global warming
Ibe h,
Where can pollution occur
40  cards
food security
Describe some of the biological f...
1  cards

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