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SLR 1.1 Systems architecture
What does alu stand for,
What is the role of the alu,
What does cpu stand for
24  cards
SLR 1.2 Memory
What does ram stand for,
What is ram,
What does rom stand for
21  cards
SLR 1.3 Storage
What is a storage device,
Which forms of storage are primar...,
Which forms of storage are second...
24  cards
SLR 1.4 Wired and Wireless Networks
What does lan stand for,
What is a lan,
What does wan stand for
50  cards
SLR 1.5 Network topologies, protocols and layers
Name three common network topologies,
Which common network topology is ...,
Which common network topology is ...
20  cards
SLR 1.6 System security
What is malware,
List four different types of malware,
What is adware
21  cards
SLR 2.1 Algorithms
In computer science what is abstr...,
In computer science what is decom...,
In computer science what is an al...
27  cards
SLR 1.8 Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns
Which laws do you need to know ab...,
What are the main principles of t...,
What is the main principles of th...
9  cards
SLR 1.7 Systems software
What is an input device,
Name three input devices,
What is an output device
36  cards
SLR 2.2 Programming Techniques
What is iteration,
What type of programming construc...,
How many times would the followin...
33  cards
SLR 2.3 Producing robust programs
Describe three ways in which a pr...,
Explain what is meant by the term...,
What is a logic error
14  cards
SLR 2.4 Computational logic
What is a truth table,
Which logic gate has the followin...,
Which logic gate has the followin...
12  cards
SLR 2.5 Translators and facilities of languages
What is source code,
What is machine code,
Why do programmers code in high l...
13  cards
SLR 2.6 Data representation
What is binary,
What is hexadecimal,
What is denary
20  cards

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