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Medicine key individuals
Hippocrates time period,
Hippocrates country,
Hippocrates job
241  cards
Anglo Saxon Dates
48  cards
American West Dates
How many horses did the hunkpapa ...,
Indian removal act date and describe,
Indian trade and intercourse act ...
67  cards
Western Front
Date and describe the battle of mons,
Name 3 defensive features of a tr...,
Where was the britis army situate...
73  cards
Anglo-Saxon society, monarchy and government
In anglo saxon society what could...,
In anglo saxon society what was t...,
In anglo saxon society who were t...
11  cards
Anglo saxon legal system
In anglo saxon society what was a...,
In anglo saxon society what was d...,
In anglo saxon society what was a...
8  cards
Anglo-Saxon towns village and church
In anglo saxon society what would...,
What is wattle,
In anglo saxon society what did a...
8  cards
House of Godwin
By 1065 who was the most powerful...,
Who did earl godwin marry,
When did edward become king
9  cards
Claimants to the throne
What did king edward not do and w...,
Edgar the aethling,
William of normandy
5  cards
Northern battles
How big were edwin and morcars ar...,
How big was hardradas army for th...,
How far did harold have to march ...
3  cards
Battle of Hastings
What did harold do as soon as he ...,
What did harold want to do did it...,
Describe harolds army
8  cards
William establishing control
Submission of the earls,
Rewarding followers
5  cards
Anglo Saxon Resistance 1068-71
The revolt of edwin and morcar,
Why was morcar annoyed before the...,
Edgar aethling and the rebellions...
7  cards
Williams Legacy of resistance
Harrying of the north,
William and land ownership,
How did william maintain power
3  cards
Revolt of the Earls
What did the earls want
10  cards
Norman Feudal system
Land ownership in the norman styl...,
Who could the tenants in chief be,
How many knights could the tenant...
4  cards
Control of the church
What did william aim to do,
What and who did william see as c...,
Name one thing stigand was doing ...
15  cards
Norman changes to society and economy
What was growing and example,
Describe england after 1071,
Why were the links to france and ...
6  cards
Norman Government
Who kept the majority of land,
What was the kings land known as,
Who was at the center of decision...
14  cards
Norman Arictocracy
What language did the norman lord...,
What did the norman lords believe...,
What did norman nobles wear and why
4  cards
Odo, bishop of Bayeux
How was odo related to william,
What was odo appointed as,
Why was odo appointed as bishop o...
11  cards
William I and his sons
Who was robert of normandy,
What did william make robert hier to,
Who ruled normandy when william w...
21  cards
Indians - early settlement of the west
What was a large tribe called exa...,
What was each tribe divided up into,
What was the sioux nation made up of
16  cards
US policy towards the Indians - early settlement of the west
Why did americans believe they ha...
1  cards
Factors encouraging migration to the west - early settlement of the west
Name the push factor,
Name the pull factors,
What does the us government offer...
6  cards
Problems with migration - early settlement of the west
What were the main problems,
How many people were thought to h...,
Why did the mormons succeed in bu...
3  cards
White settlement on the plains - early settlement of the west
Consequence of growth and settlem...,
What were conditions in oregon an...,
Why was farming on the plains dif...
8  cards
Fort Laramie 1851 - early settlement of the west
Why was a fort laramie treaty made,
What were the problems from the s...,
What were the main terms and did ...
4  cards
Problems of law and order - early settlement of the west
Why was the gold rush bad for law...,
What were the mining camps issues...,
In the mid 1850s what did many pe...
12  cards
Significance of ACW - Development of the plains
What happened after the civil war,
Why were the homestead act and pa...
2  cards
The Homestead Act - Development of the plains
Who could file a claim,
Where was the biggest success,
Problems with the homestead act
3  cards
The Pacific Railroad Act - Development of the plains
Consequences of railroad
1  cards
Solutions to Homesteaders problems - Development of the plains
How much money did homesteaders n...,
What was the timber culture act d...,
Where did the tree growing fully ...
3  cards
Law and order - Development of the plains
What were towns created by railro...,
What did gangs do
2  cards
Ranching and the cattle industry - Development of the plains
Describe the long drives,
What happened to cowboys when the...,
What did ranches do to stop homes...
3  cards
Changes of way of life for the Indians - Development of the plains
What did the treaty of fort laram...,
What did governments begin to do ...,
What did the northern pacific rai...
4  cards
US Gov policy towards the Indians - Development of the plains
What happened as more and more wh...,
What did the government promise t...,
Problems with reservations
3  cards
The Indian Wars - Development of the plains
What happened in little crows war,
Little crows war final outcome,
What happened in the sank creek m...
6  cards
Changes in farming - Conflict and conquest
Why were more and more people mov...,
What was dry farming,
What was the all metal water pump
3  cards
Changes in the cattle industry - Conflict and conquest
Why was there a fall for demand f...,
Why was soil damaged,
What was the great die up
5  cards
Growth of settlement - Conflict and conquest
What was the exoduster movement,
How many black americans had move...,
What was the oklahoma land rush
3  cards
Law and Order - Conflict and conquest
What did settlements do to stop t...,
Who was billy the kid,
What happened with wyatt earp and...
5  cards
Johnson county war - Conflict and conquest
Between who,
What had been a problem for many ...
8  cards
Conflict with the plains Indians - Conflict and conquest
Why was the battle of little big ...,
What led to the us losing the bat...,
What happened at the wounded knee...
3  cards
Destruction of the Indians way of life - Conflict and conquest
What was gone by 1883 why,
How did the loss of buffalo affec...,
What was the us gov very systemat...
9  cards

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