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Input and Output Devices
What layout does a standard keybo...,
What does epos stand for,
What does atm stand for
36  cards
Rom stands for,
Is rom volatile or non volatile,
What does non volatile mean
14  cards
System Software
What is the purpose of an operati...,
How does the interface of an oper...,
How does the security system of a...
7  cards
What is a wizard 2,
What is a query 2,
What is a relationship
33  cards
Name two features of presentation...,
What is the function of navigatio...,
What is the purpose of a master s...
6  cards
What does html stand for,
What is a hyperlink,
State four ways in which hyperlin...
5  cards
Bitmap And Vector Graphics
Bitmap graphics are unsuitable for,
Bitmap graphics are unsuitable fo...,
Bitmap graphics can take up a lot of
11  cards
Data Laws
Who is responsible for creating a...,
The computer misuse act makes ill...,
Define the term hacker 2
29  cards
List five cell formats,
An absolute cell reference is a c...,
An absolute cell reference is mad...
17  cards
Lan stands for,
Wan stands for,
A lan consists of a number of com...
43  cards
Digital Communication Security
Define the term virus,
List three methods of protecting ...,
List three types of virus
17  cards
Internets And Intranets
What is the internet,
What is the world wide web,
What does url stand for
28  cards
Means Of Digital Communication
What is video conferencing,
What kind of telecommunications l...,
List three advantages of video co...
23  cards
Internet Services
What is e commerce,
In e commerce money is transferre...,
In e commerce customers must inpu...
11  cards
Applications Of ICT
What is the use of credit or debi...,
Where does electronic funds trans...,
Explain the process of electronic...
17  cards
Billing Systems
Utility bills are sent to custome...,
Producing utility bills for a lar...,
What is meant by batch processing
11  cards
Virtual Reality And Simulation
Virtual reality allows a person t...,
A simulation is a computer progra...,
Stereoscopic helmets allow
8  cards
Computer Control And Data Logging
Computer control systems use as a...,
Light and temperature are analogu...,
An is used to convert physical qu...
12  cards
ICT in Education
Cal stands for,
Cal allows a topic to be delivere...,
The advantage of cal is that it s...
11  cards
ICT in Employment
The impact of ict on employment i...,
Ict has also as a result of compu...,
Give an example where jobs have b...
15  cards
ICT in Leisure
Social networking is,
The advantage of mp3 technology i...,
Podcasts are
14  cards
ICT and Globalisation
Ict has enabled globalisation bec...,
Ict has enabled globalisation thr...,
Ict has enabled globalisation as ...
3  cards
Health And Safety
Rsi stands for,
Rsi is a range of,
Rsi occurs when
15  cards
ICT And The Law
A hacker is a person who,
A virus is a,
List two forms that a virus may c...
7  cards
ICT And The Environment
To reduce carbon footprint should...,
To reduce carbon footprint should...,
To reduce carbon footprint comput...
11  cards
Ssl stands for,
Set stands for,
Ssl is an
11  cards
Computer Gaming Trends
Online games have additional,
Online games are getting,
Online games are using more
6  cards

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