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P1 - Energy Transfer By Heating
How does temp effect the amount o...,
What type of object emits infrare...,
What are radio micro and infrared...
73  cards
P2.3 - Work, Energy & Momentum
What is the relationship between ...,
What is work in science,
How is the work done by a force c...
24  cards
P2 - Current Electricity
What is transferred when objects ...,
What happens when two insulating ...,
What happens when the charges are...
37  cards
P2.4 - Mains Electricity
What is alternating current,
What is direct current,
What is the peak voltage of an al...
31  cards
P2.5 - Radioactivity
What is a radioactive substance,
What are the types of radiation,
When does a radioactive source decay
38  cards
P2.6 - Energy From The Nucleus
Which radioactive isotopes underg...,
What is nuclear fission,
What is a chain reaction in fission
39  cards
P3 - Medical Applications
Give two ways in which x rays are...,
Why are x rays dangerous,
What is the absorption of x rays ...
92  cards
P3 - Using Physics
What is the moment of a force,
How is the moment of a force calc...,
Give two ways in which the moment...
29  cards
P3 - Using Magnetic Fields
How is an electromagnet made,
Why is steel unsuitable for use i...,
Give four examples of everyday us...
43  cards
Key Terms
What is acceleration,
What is activity,
What is alpha radiation
179  cards
P1 - Using Energy
When an object falls to the groun...,
Name the ten forms of energy,
When an object hits the ground ho...
14  cards
P1 - Electrical Energy
What is the useful energy of a ha...,
What is the wasted energy from a ...,
Why are electrical appliances so ...
16  cards
P1 - Generating Electricity
How is electricity generated in a...,
Which fossil fuels are burnt in p...,
Which elements are used as fuel i...
47  cards
P1 - Waves
What is a transverse wave,
What can waves be used for,
What type of wave is an electroma...
41  cards
P1 - Electromagnetic Waves
What are em waves,
What are the parts of the em spec...,
What is the speed of an em wave
30  cards
P2.1 - Motion
How can we tell from a distance t...,
How can we tell from a distance t...,
How can we calculate the speed of...
11  cards
P2.2 - Forces
What is the unit of force,
What can forces do,
When two objects interact what ca...
26  cards

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