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Decks in this class (17)

Tensile strength definition,
Toughness definition
131  cards
Physics (Paper 2)
Energy definition,
Work done definition,
Equation for work done
112  cards
SB3, SB5 Biology (Paper 1)
Monomer definition,
Asexual reproduction,
Sexual reproduction
226  cards
Sin 0,
Sin 30,
Sin 45
40  cards
Economics (paper 1) 📍
Gdp definition,
What does a rising gdp mean,
Interest definition
200  cards
Chemistry (Paper 1) 📍
Who developed the periodic table,
Who created the billiard ball model,
What model did jj thompson propose
183  cards
Geography (paper 2) 📍
Informal housing definition,
Sanitation definition,
Development definition
138  cards
RS Christianity
A question,
Characteristics of god the son,
Characteristics of god the holy s...
105  cards
English Macbeth
Who was named prince of cumberland,
Who was executed for treason,
When was macbeth written
54  cards
RS Islam
5 pillars of islam are the,
The 5 pillars of islam,
Salah meaning
145  cards
SB6, SB8 Biology (paper 2) 📍
Chloroplast definition,
Organelles in a plant cell,
Reagent used to test for starch
182  cards
Geography (paper 1)
Nutrient cycling,
Where is epping forest located
169  cards
Further Math AQA
Different ways of saying gradient,
Second derivative definition,
When is a point the minimum turni...
8  cards
English A Christmas Carol
How long does the events last in ...,
Who is scrooge s clerk,
How does fred compare with scrooge
61  cards
Physics (paper 1) 📍
What are the function of waves,
55  cards
English AIC (1945)
Synopsis of act 1,
Act 2 synopsis,
Act 3 synopsis
8  cards
Economics (paper 2) 📌
0  cards

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