genetic counseling boards prep 2023

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Molecular and cytogenetics
What is the detection rate for g ...,
What is the detection rate for cma,
Which type of microarray can dete...
65  cards
What percentage of male with frag...,
What is the typical age of onset ...,
At what range of cgg repeats in t...
229  cards
Professional factors/psychosocial
What are examples of attending an...,
What are some examples of intervi...,
What are the four tenet
44  cards
What is the frequency of a diseas...,
What is the frequency of a diseas...,
For rare traits how can we calcul...
10  cards
What is the critical period in fe...,
What type of twin pregnancy is th...,
What percent of dichorionic diamn...
57  cards
What types of metabolic disorders...,
What is the carrier frequency of pku,
For msud what amino acids are not...
40  cards
Genetics definitions
What is locus heterogeneity,
What is allelic heterogeneity,
What is phenotypic heterogeneity
3  cards
Medical genetics
What is a deformation,
What is a disruption,
What is a malformation
36  cards
Genes and genetic mechanisms
What are the causes percentages o...,
What is the most common cause of rss,
What are the causes percentages o...
229  cards
Cancer + cancer conditions
What types of cells are affected ...,
What type of cells are affected b...,
What types of tissues are affecte...
102  cards
Random - from study notes
How can a balanced translocation ...,
What signifies the philadelphia c...,
What is the most common robertson...
77  cards
Questions from EC need to know
What cancer is the greatest risk ...,
What karyotype result is cystic p...,
How is the phenotype different fo...
24  cards
Carrier frequencies
What is the carrier frequency of ...,
What is the carrier frequency of ...,
What is the carrier frequency of ...
19  cards

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genetic counseling boards prep 2023

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