Geography-- Contemporary Urban Environments

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Urbanisation definition,
Urban growth definition,
Urban expansion
22  cards
Social and economic issues associated with urbanisation
Main consequences categories of u...,
What is urban sprawl,
How does urban sprawl affect infr...
13  cards
Sustainable Urban Development
Sustainability definition,
Example of a sustainable city,
Example of a sustainable area in ...
23  cards
Urban Drainage
What are suds,
What is the aim of suds,
Suds aim to decrease in urban areas
12  cards
Urban waste and its disposal (Semakau case study)
Where is singapore,
How many tonnes of waste were pro...,
How many tonnes of waste was prod...
16  cards
Environmental pollution and mitigation
What is particulate air pollution,
What is photochemical air pollution,
When was londons pea souper
31  cards
Urban Climate
What is the urban heat island,
What is the venturi effect,
What is the albedo
7  cards
What was the population of greate...,
What land area does the city cove...,
Why is it hard to characterise lo...
64  cards
Where is mumbai,
What did the british empire ship ...,
How much of indias foreign trade ...
72  cards
Suburbanisation and Counter-Urbanisation
What is suburbanisation,
Counter urbanisation definition,
Factors that have led to counter ...
4  cards
London Docklands Regeneration (property led initiative)
What initiative is the london doc...,
What did the government do in the...,
Aims of the london docklands deve...
13  cards
Sheffield case study (de-industrialisation, etc)
What did thatchers radical conser...,
What did the unemployment rate ri...,
What was unemployment in 1984
21  cards
Hulme- Manchester regeneration (City Challenge)
How is city challenge investment ...,
How much of private and public se...,
How many homes were built
12  cards
Urban waste and its disposal
Municipal solid waste includes,
Why do urban areas make more wast...,
How much of a urban areas budget ...
32  cards
Urban Forms
What is urban form,
Physical factors that influence u...,
Human factors that influence urba...
15  cards
Post Modern Western Cities
What does post modern architectur...,
Post modern describes the,
What urban structure do cities us...
14  cards
Cheonggyecheon River Restoration project
Where is the cheonggyecheon river...,
Effect that the river has had on ...,
When did the restoration project ...
17  cards
Mumbai vs UK waste disposal
M waste collection strategy,
How many rubbish bags are collect...,
How many rag pickers are there in...
19  cards
Curitiba (example of a sustainable city)
How many inhabitants,
How far from rio,
Mayor who made curitiba sustainable
17  cards

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Geography-- Contemporary Urban Environments

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