geography- contemporary urban enviro

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Mumbai Case Study and Vision Mumbai
Urban form size,
Urban form shape,
Urban form density
44  cards
London Map
Land size of london,
London population,
What category city is london
40  cards
What are the causes of gentrifica...,
Signs of gentrification,
Pos effects of gentrification
8  cards
Counter Urbanisation Case Study
Where is it,
12  cards
Urban resurgence- London olympics
Aim for london olympics,
Who were the decision makers,
What happened the process
11  cards
Urban Policy And Regeneration- A Brief UK HISTORY
1980s action for cities,
7  cards
Gentrification case study
What were the aims,
Who were the decision makers,
The process
9  cards
Suburbanisation case study
What is the metroland,
Examples of suburbs housing estates
8  cards
What is urbanisation,
What are the causes of urbanisati...,
What are the consequences or urba...
18  cards
World Cities
What is a world city,
What is happening to the number o...,
Name two world cities that have e...
21  cards
World City Case Study
Name the 2 cities,
What category city is london,
Explain london as a city that aff...
11  cards
Urban Form
What is urban growth,
What is urbanisation,
What is urban expansion
46  cards
Counter Urbanisation
What is counter urbanisation,
What counter urbanisation caused by,
Process of urbanisation 7
10  cards
What are the characteristics of s...,
2 things that make suburbanisatio...,
2 things that make suburbanisatio...
7  cards
New Urban Landscapes
Name the 5 new urban landscapes,
What are gentrified areas,
Pos effects of gentrification
13  cards
Urban Decline And Regeneration In London
London in 1980 decline in population,
London in 1980 decline in employment,
London in 1980 lea valley docks
7  cards
Urban Resurgance
What is urban resurgence,
How is urban resurgence made poss...,
Examples of urban regeneration sc...
6  cards
Urban Resurgance In london
Why was urban resurgence needed,
What type of resurgence was it,
Explain how the property led rege...
6  cards
Graph Stuff
What is important to remember whe...,
How do you know if you ve done th...,
What does a number close to 1 mean
9  cards
Urban Climate
What is the urban heat island effect,
What are urban heat islands,
Where are the highest temperature...
34  cards
Urban Air Quality
Cause of carbon monoxide,
Impact of carbon monoxide,
Cause of nitrogen dioxide
11  cards
Urban Climate Case Study- Air Polltion In London
What is the issue,
What is the evidence,
What are the possible solutions
6  cards
Urban Drainage
What is a drainage basin,
What is a watershed,
What is precipitation
40  cards
Urban Drainage Case Study
Where was it,
What were the aims of the scheme,
Who where the scheme stakeholders
9  cards
Urban Waste
What is waste,
Why is global waste increasing,
Explain why globally urban reside...
36  cards
Urban Waste Mumbai
What is india,
Problem in india,
How many tons of waste does mumba...
15  cards
Urban Waste London Case Study
Where is it,
What is it s wastestream,
Summarise the blue bin
35  cards
Sustainable Urban Developments
Cities and he environment,
Ecological footprint,
Definition of sustainable city
26  cards
Nature And Impact Of Physical Environental Conditions In Mumbai
Urban pollution cause,
Impact of urban pollution in urba...,
How is urban pollution being managed
10  cards
Nature And Imoact Of Physicsl Enviromental Condition In London
Urban pollution problems,
Urban pollution impacts,
Urban pollution management
12  cards
Sustainable City- Case Study
Socially sustainable,
Economically sustainable
4  cards
Urban growth,
44  cards

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geography- contemporary urban enviro

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