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1.1 - Nigeria Overpopulation
Nigeria statistics on over popula...,
Describe the issue of lagos in ni...,
What are the problems caused in n...
7  cards
1.1 - Australia Underpopulation
Why is australia underpopulated 6...,
Possible solutions to solve austr...,
Population of australia
10  cards
1.1 - Niger High Rate of Population Growth
Describe the social circumstances...,
Describe the effects of rapid pop...,
What anti natalist policies has n...
5  cards
1.1 - Japan Low Rate of Population Growth
Describe the declining population...,
What are the reasons 3 for low bi...,
What pro natalist policies have b...
4  cards
1.2 - Syria International Migration
When did the syrian refugee crisi...,
Give some statistics on the syria...,
What are some push factors for mi...
8  cards
1.2 - China Rural-Urban Migration
Internal migration,
Rural urban migration,
Push factors of rural areas 5
5  cards
1.3 - Japan High Elderly Dependent Population
Describe japan s current populati...,
Why is japan s population structu...,
Describe japan s dependency ratio...
8  cards
1.3 - Niger High Young Dependent Population
Describe and explain the wide bas...,
Describe and explain the concave ...,
Describe and explain the narrow t...
6  cards
1.4 - Namibia Sparsely Populated
Population density of namibia,
Calculate population density,
Lowest population density region ...
7  cards
1.4 - Bangladesh Densely Populated
Population density of bangladesh,
Population density of dhaka,
Describe the population distribut...
6  cards
1.5 - Tsoelike Valley, Lesotho - Settlement and Service Provision
Nucleated settlements in tsoelike...,
Purpose of dispersed settlement,
Describe the settlements in tsoel...
8  cards
1.5 - Corvin Plaza and Promenade area - Settlement and Service provision
Location of promenade,
Historical statistics of the rege...,
What was done during the bulldoze...
10  cards
1.5 - Case Study Magdolna Quarter - Settlement and Service Provision
History of regneration of magdoln...,
Describe the population of magdol...
7  cards
1.6 - Atlanta, USA - An urban area
Atlanta location,
Population 1970 to 2013,
Causes of migration to atlanta
7  cards
1.7 - Peru, Lima - Rapidly growing urban area
Distribution of peru s population...,
Push factors to migrate from vill...,
What migrants experience when the...
3  cards
2.1 - Japan 2011 Earthquake
What when and where did it happen,
What was its cause,
Where is its epicentre and focus
7  cards
2.1 - Eyjafjallajökull Volcano
What type of volcano is it,
When did it erupt,
Why did it erupt
9  cards
2.2 - Rivers
Closed system,
Open system,
Water stores 4 examples
67  cards
2.2 Case Study - Ganges Bangladesh
Area of the river and its drainag...,
River source and mouth
17  cards
2.3 Case Study - Great Barrier Reef
Threats to the great barrier reef...,
Management strategies of the grea...
3  cards
2.4 - Weather
Why do we need to know the weathe...
86  cards
2.5 - Climate and Natural Vegetation
Location of hot deserts,
Annual percipitation in hot deserts
59  cards
2.5 Case Study - Amazon Rainforest
Amazon statistics,
History of the amazon
4  cards
2.5 Case Study - Sahara Desert
Months with the most rainfall in ...,
Total rainfall in the sahara
7  cards
3.1 - Development
What factors influence quality of...,
What events can slow or halt deve...
75  cards
3.1 Case Study - Coca Cola
Brief statistics,
How many countries is coca cola s...,
Background of coca cola
11  cards
3.2 - Food Production
Arable farming,
Pastoral farming,
Commercial farming
48  cards
3.2 Case Study - Rice Farming in Bangladesh
Climate of bangladesh,
10  cards
3.2 Case Study - Food Shortages in Yemen
Causes of food shortages in yemen
10  cards
3.3 - Industry
Classification of manufacturing,
13  cards
3.3 Case Study - Pakistan Steel
Location of pakistand steel,
What is pakistan steel
5  cards
3.5 - Energy
Reasons for an increase in energy...,
Non renewable energy,
Renewable energy
29  cards
3.5 Case Study - China Energy Supply
The relationship between china s ...,
Big three sources of energy in ch...,
Coal in china reason of use
8  cards
3.6 - Water
Precentage of freshwater on earth...,
Main sources of water 5,
Groundwater as a supply of water ...
18  cards
3.6 Case Study - Spain Water Supply
Describe percipitation in south e...,
How does tourism increase the pro...,
Describe the tagus segura project
7  cards
3.7 - Environmental Risks of Economic Development
Soil erosion,
Causes of soil erosion name 4,
How does deforestation lead to so...
43  cards
3.7 Case Study - Pearl River Delta
Source of pearl river,
Pollution sources around the pear...
4  cards
3.4 Case Study - Jamaica
Location of jamaica,
Temperature in jamaica,
Human attractions in jamaica name 4
7  cards

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