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Pain Assessment
With the recent opioid epidemic a...,
What 3 factors can influence the ...,
What can affect patietns response...
51  cards
What are examples of dynamic airways,
Abc in the decision to intubate,
Airway signs prompting intubation...
37  cards
Are motor nerves susceptible to l...
33  cards
Multiple sclerosis pathophys,
Onset of ms,
Risk factors for ms
153  cards
About how much of total body weig...,
Ecf is fluid outside of cells ___...,
Osmolar homeostasis is mainly med...
121  cards
Function of the liver,
What coagulation factors are not ...,
T f liver dysfunction can lead to...
108  cards
What the 3 main arterial pathologies,
What is the artery most affected ...,
Which vessel is more likely to be...
104  cards
Gi tract consitutes what percent ...,
Main function of the gi tract,
Outermost to innermost layer of g...
130  cards
Endocrine Pt 1
Where is the primary source of en...,
A normal glucose level requires,
What percent of glucose released ...
143  cards
Endocrine Pt 2 (adrenal/parathyroid
Adrenal gland consists of,
What does the adrenal cortex synt...,
Hypothalamus sends what to the an...
82  cards
What is htn high blood pressure,
Classification of bp in adults
105  cards
Hf is defined as a,
Hf leads to,
Hf can be caused by
165  cards
Obstructive Lung Disease
The age 25 44 experience the comm...,
The age 45 65 experience the comm...,
T f a fraction of scheduled surge...
85  cards
Restrictive Lung Disease
Restrictive lung disease affects ...,
Hallmark of restrictive lung disease,
Restrictive lung disease is typic...
98  cards
Ventilator Modes (restrictive lung disease)
Volume cycled ventilation vcv is,
On vcv a pressure limit can be se...,
Increases in peak airway pressure...
75  cards
What is normal hemostasis,
What are the 3 goals of hemostasis,
What are the 2 stages of hemostasis
150  cards

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