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John Lock
The ottawa indians,
Patrick henry,
The proclamation of 1763
30  cards
French & Indian War
What group helped france in the war,
What is the ohio valley company,
Who was robert dinwiddie
28  cards
French people & laws
Regular british troops,
Mutiny the act,
British navy patrols
11  cards
Articles of Confederation
First continental congress,
Where does boston keep supplies,
Who hears that sons of liberty ar...
31  cards
Exam 3 Pt1
Who was fired after he retreated ...,
Who replaced thomas gage,
Where did thomas gage retreat to
45  cards
Exam 3 Pt2
What was valley forge what kind o...,
What is the reason the capital is...,
What was the gates conspiracy
30  cards
Exam 3 Pt3
What is the statue of religious l...,
Who made the statues of religious...,
What was thomas jefferson s phrase
22  cards
exam 3 pt4
What did alexander hamilton want ...,
Where did hamilton go after he re...,
What did hamilton do after washin...
19  cards
Exam 3 pt5
After shay s rebellion what did t...,
What other government did the sha...,
Where do the 13 states send their...
23  cards
Exam Pt6
How many senates do each state have,
Who said that slavery should be a...,
Did either side like the great co...
33  cards
Exam 3 pt 7
What are the 2 reasons washington...,
Did washington give consent to be...,
What vote did washington win
35  cards
exam 3 pt 8
What was john jays treaty did fra...,
Did congress like jay s treaty,
Who does washington open dialogue...
11  cards
History Final pt1
Who did the federalist party nomi...,
Who did the democratic republican...,
Who is sally hemmings
20  cards
History Final pt2
Who is the new dictator of france,
What were the 3 agreements in the...,
Who is napoleon bonaparte fightin...
16  cards
History Final pt3
What is the judiciary act of 1801,
What is court packing,
What kind of judges does thomas j...
24  cards
History final pt4
For the succession to be successf...,
Why does hamilton decline,
Who does alexander finance to run...
23  cards
History Final pt5
Who is elected to office after th...,
What act replaces the embargo act...,
Who speaks up first to respect us...
23  cards
History Final pt 6
James monroe is the last presiden...,
Is the second bank of u s a copy ...,
Who creates a proposal that he ne...
10  cards
History Final pt 7
How was the seminole indians caus...,
Where does andrew jackson go to i...,
Who does andrew jackson write to ...
25  cards
History Final pt 8
What was the nullification crisis,
What happens if people leave a st...,
How is the nullification crisis s...
28  cards
History Final pt 9
What is a railroad that would len...,
Where did the south want the tran...,
To get the south off of wanting m...
39  cards
History SLOs
Join or die cartoon is involved w...,
Who is the author of the cartoon ...
13  cards

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