human resources (policy and procedure)

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!TEST**No. 301, Compensation And Classification Program
What is the purpose of the total ...,
What are the objectives of the to...,
Who is responsible for the establ...
48  cards
!TEST**No. 501, Performance, Planning and Appraisal
What is the purpose for a perform...,
How often are individual performa...,
How often are performance reviews...
7  cards
No. 502, Employee Develpoment
What is the purpose of the employ...,
Who are eligible for participatin...,
Who plans and promotes the develo...
4  cards
!TEST**No. 503, Workplace Harassment
What is the purpose of the workpl...,
Who s responsibility is it to mai...,
What does prohibitted harassment ...
34  cards
!TEST**No. 505, Drug/Alcohol/Substance Abuse (5/1/2018)
What must employees do to promote...,
While on duty on call or on city ...,
What actions may occur if an empl...
78  cards
!TEST**No. 506, Conflict of Interest (7/1/2000)
What is the conflict of interest ...,
What will happen to contracts wit...,
If a city employee has a substant...
6  cards
!TEST No. 504, Employee Conduct (7/1/2000)
What is the citys policy on emplo...
1  cards
!TEST**No.509, Gratuities (7/1/2000)
What is the city s policy on grat...,
Unless otherwise prohibited by th...,
What is the city s policy on acce...
8  cards
No. 510, Surplus or Lost Property
What is the city s policy on find...
1  cards
!TEST**No. 511, Removal of Property (7/1/2000)
What is the city s policy on remo...
1  cards
!TEST**No.512, Communication (1/6/2005)
How often will the city manager m...,
How will employee issues concerni...,
How are issues complaints concern...
13  cards
!TEST**No. 513, Discipline (7/1/2017)
What is the purpose for the polic...,
Who is responsible to be knowledg...,
Who is responsible for maintainin...
57  cards
!TEST**No. 514, Grievance System (7/1/2017)
What is the purpose of the grieva...,
What is a grievance,
What issues are not subject to a ...
12  cards
!TEST**No. 516, Use of Social Media/Social Networking (3/23/2011)
What is the citys policy on the u...,
What 4 activities are prohibited ...
2  cards
!TEST**No. 521, Website and Social Media (7/1/2014)
Based on city of glendale policy ...,
Who is the administrator for all ...,
Where do departments submit a req...
6  cards
!TEST**No. 522, Use of Information Tech (7/1/2014)
What is the purpose of the usage ...,
The network and all info and comm...,
What does the policy state about ...
4  cards
!TEST**No. 401, Benefits
What is the purpose of the benefi...,
Who is required to enroll in city...,
Dental insurance
48  cards
**Employee Code Of Ethics
What is the mission statement for...,
What should you do when you becom...,
What happens when an employee tri...
19  cards
!TEST**103, HR Responsibilities
Who is final judge on interpretat...,
Who provides legal advice to city...,
Who is the custodian of hr polici...
4  cards
!TEST**201, HR Employment
What is the citys employment stra...,
In terms of employment what princ...,
Who does the city mgr delegate as...
36  cards
!TEST**No. 518, Employees With Disabilities (7/1/2014)
How can an employee submit a requ...,
For what reason would the city no...,
Before making reasonable accommod...
5  cards
!TEST**No. 519, Non-Smoking (7/1/2017)
What are smoking restriction dist...
1  cards
!TEST**No. 520, Employee Parking (READ) (7/1/2017)
0  cards
!TEST**No. 523, Risk Mgt (9/12/2016)
What is the city of glendale risk...,
Who is responsible for the overal...
2  cards
!TEST**No. 525, City Vehicles And Equipment (9/12/2016)
What steps are taken if driver of...,
Who can approve vehicles for comm...
2  cards
!TEST**No. 508, Solicitation During Working Hours (10/11/07)
Is solicitation among city employ...
1  cards

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