ifsta principles of vehicle extrication - 3rd edition

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1 starter hole into which a cutti...,
Ability of fire apparatus to get ...,
Sequence of unplanned or uncontro...
40  cards
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Vehicle Extrication
Relevant organizations with some ...,
The ______ is responsible for cre...,
The _____ is responsible for redu...
10  cards
Chapter 2 - Extrication Incident Management
Success in an extrication operati...,
Each of the following components ...,
Most of the common hazards that r...
14  cards
Chapter 3 - Vehicle Anatomy and Science
Passenger vehicles are motorized ...,
________ are single unit vehicles...,
________ are defined as weighing ...
29  cards
Chapter 4 - Extrication Equipment
Rescue personnel typically used e...,
Sarair is supplied to the users b...,
___ contain an air purifying filt...
64  cards
Chapter 5 - Extrication Techniques
The _________ is the area immedia...,
The ___________ can serve as spac...,
The ___________ is an ideal locat...
17  cards
Chapter 6 - Passenger Vehicle Extrication
_________ also called ______ cars...,
Nhtsa classifies passenger vehicl...,
_________ according to nhtsa are ...
12  cards
Chapter 7 - Bus Extrication
There are four main classificatio...,
In the united states approximatel...,
Smallest type bus carries 10 to 2...
20  cards
Chapter 8 - Medium and Heavy Truck Extrication
The ________ is perhaps the most ...,
___________ consist of a highway ...,
The flash point of diesel varies ...
7  cards
Chapter 9 - Railcar Extrication
The most common type of locomotiv...,
Diesel electric locomotives can w...,
Electric locomotives operate with...
21  cards
Chapter 10 - Industrial/Agricultural Vehicle and Machinery Extrication
To reduce the front wheels from l...,
Typical wheel tractors have very ...,
Attachments are those auxiliary a...
13  cards
Chapter 11 - Special Extrication Situations
Common factors that can change an...,
Special vehicle extrication situa...
2  cards
Chapter 12 - EMS Rescue Considerations
Simply defines a ____ is any inci...,
The ________ refers to the concep...,
The _______________ is the maximu...
14  cards

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ifsta principles of vehicle extrication - 3rd edition

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